Labyrinth walk makes monthly appearance

The monthly campuswide community Labyrinth Walk took place today at the Heartland Plaza to give students the chance to reflect and meditate. Students and faculty are encouraged to walk silently in a group around the UCO Labyrinth. A Labyrinth facilitator will be present to guide the group and anyone who is new to the walk.

Labyrinth walking is often described as a moving meditation and can be used for many different reasons, according to Rachel Baugh, coordinator for communications and public relations on campus. 

“It can be used to relieve stress, enhance creativity and reflect, among many others,” Baugh said. 

Baugh said she hopes students gain whatever they are seeking from this event. A break from a hectic day, a new idea, guidance, community, information about the labyrinth, are all things students can gain, according to Baugh.

Along with the unique benefits, there are unique connections that can be made at the Labyrinth. 

“While we walk the Labyrinth as a group, it is generally done in silence,” Baugh said. “Connections are made, but not in the traditional sort of ways.”

Business senior John Cupps uses this walk as a source of relaxation. 

“I look forward to this walk a lot. Even though it’s only once a month, it’s nice to just have nothing to do but walk and think for an hour,” Cupps said. 

Cupps is newer to campus after transferring and says he is thankful for small events like this. 

“It keeps you busy if you go to these types of things. I’m glad UCO offers things like this,” Cupps said.

Despite its popularity among regulars, Cupps says the turnout doesn’t always reflect that. “There’s usually not too many people there,” Cupps said. “I think if more people went, they would be happy that they did.”

Heartland Plaza is located between the Y Chapel and Mitchell Hall on the UCO Campus. Sign-up is not required and all are welcome. STLR credit is not currently offered but will be in the Spring of 2022, according to Baugh. Future walks are scheduled for from noon to 1 p.m. Nov. 9 and Dec. 7.

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