Jobs that pay better than Oklahoma teachers

Teachers are the foundation of this country. You don’t have to be Bob the Builder to know that. If you have a weak foundation that means that you don’t have a strong house. America is the house that we live in and we only know that because we were taught by hard-working, dedicated and loving teachers.
But as we’ve witnessed, teachers in this state get paid next-to-nothing. That means that replacing those teachers will not be an easy task, unless one thing is done: funding education throughout Oklahoma.
So, let’s look at the positive aspects of the situation. There are so many other jobs which are paid more than an Oklahoma teacher. That’s exactly what this is, a list of the jobs making more than a teacher.

  • Therapist – Couldn’t you have guessed it? Yes, a therapist in the state of Oklahoma gets paid more than a teacher. Stretch your minds and then stretch your wallets.
  • My Ex-Wife – It’s a 24-hour job and somebody has got to do it. Oh, and yeah, the job pays more than a teacher in this state.
  • A Robot at Hardy’s – The machines are replacing humans, and at Hardy’s, it’s already begun. The robot cashiers are now making more money than Oklahoma educators.
  • The Kids Down at the Lemonade Stand – They really know how to turn a profit and they make way more than teachers.
  • A Puppeteer – A guy who talks through dolls? Yup, paid more.
  • The Guy Who Picks up Pennys that Aren’t Right-Side-Up – Yeah, this guy actually has found enough unlucky penny’s that he now makes more than teachers.
  • My Ex-Wife – She’s worth mentioning again, this woman is the worst. And, she makes more than Oklahoma teachers. It’s disgusting.

So, there you have it. And there are plenty more jobs that make more than teachers here in the state. I mean, if you want to find one, just look all around you.

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