Halloween Horoscopes are here!

See the signs for your sign right here, now to November 6.

A lucky Venus trine on Halloween reveals surprises and treats for all! (SAM ROYKA/THE VISTA)

Aries – Careful: The Sun’s clash with Jupiter warns of ego battles. Stay discerning, distinguishing the genuine from the smooth talkers. Vesta’s retrograde in Cancer on the same day brings a nostalgic tide. Emotions resurface; seek solace in loved ones. Your song is “Hollow Life” by Coast Modern. 

Taurus – Trust your inner guide to navigate through any potential illusions this week. Stay sharp in matters of the heart and be mindful in your conversations as the Sun throws a curveball to Jupiter. As Mercury squares off with Uranus, patience is your ally. Know you have agency, and that it’s safe to keep your heart open. Your song is “Crystalised” by The xx.

Gemini –  Mental agility is key as Mercury faces off with Uranus. Exercise patience and strategy for uncovering truths. Saturn direct in Pisces prompts practicality and setting emotional boundaries after a whimsical summer. Venus in Virgo aligns with Pluto, boosting your social standing! Your song is “Rill Rill” by Sleigh Bells. 

Cancer – Waves of nostalgia could come in strong this week. Remembering the past can help you build the future you want, but this isn’t always easy. Seek warmth and connection in loved ones to nurture your heart. Hot cocoa is never a bad idea. You grow into a new, better version of yourself as we enter a new season. Your song is “Blood” by The Middle East. 

Leo – Dear Leo, this week is a tapestry woven with threads of creativity, practicality, and transformation. Embrace the spotlight and let your inner fire burn bright. Intuition cuts through the misty energy of Neptune but it’s up to you to use it. Keep your heart open. Your song is “On the Radio” by Regina Spektor.

Virgo – This week starts with a period of introspection. Vesta’s retrograde in Cancer prompts a reevaluation of your emotional sanctuary. You could see a breakthrough in communication. Saturn illuminates aspirations, leading to tangible progress. Remember to tend to your heart; the world would not be the same without you. Your song is “Wide Eyes” by Local Natives. 

Libra – The Sun-Jupiter opposition sets the stage for a delicate interplay between expansion and grounding. This invites a period of reevaluation, a bolstering of your emotional haven, and a deep reconnection with your inner self. Another aspect hints at forthcoming shifts in your personal relationships. Embrace this evolution with an open heart, dear Libra. Your song is “Sun Hands” by Local Natives.

Scorpio – Got on your mystery-solving hat, Scorpio? Pulling the truth out of someone could prove near-impossible. Instead, asking around could provide better results. Mercury and Uranus call attention to matters related to home and family dynamics. Know that you are treasured, esteemed, and deeply understood. Your song is “Halcyon Birds” by Broken Back. 

Sagittarius – This week calls for a voyage of self-discovery and perceptive judgment with a chance of profound change. Listen attentively to your inner wisdom and honor that intuition. With Saturn direct, your dreams now shine with a crystal-clear radiance, poised for pursuit. Your song is “Shake” by The Head And The Heart.

Capricorn – Dear Capricorn, your dedication is admirable, but remember, you too deserve care and tenderness. Vesta’s retrograde encourages you to take moments of solace and lean on those who care for you. It’s in your moments of vulnerability that you radiate the most profound strength. Your song is “After The Disco” by Broken Bells.

Aquarius – As the waning Gemini Moon graces your skies, it brings a surge of intellectual energy! Mercury’s opposition to Uranus suggests unexpected insights or news; stay adaptable. . Saturn direct in Pisces signifies a time to solidify your spiritual and creative pursuits. Embrace discipline and follow through. Your song is “Delilah” by Florence + The Machine.

Pisces – Your discernment is of prime importance now. A murky Venus-Neptune aspect could cause the rose-colored glasses to go on. Make sure you don’t gloss over something important! Saturn goes direct in your sign, helping you strengthen your boundaries and come back down to earth. Your song is “Lost in the Light” by Bahamas. 

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