Giving Christmas at UCO

Those interested in providing Christmas to an unprivileged first grader in the Edmond community can apply to sponsor a kid through the President’s Club Children’s Christmas Party application.

Applications are now open and are due at 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 23. Each year, the President’s Club Children’s Christmas Party provides the opportunity for college students, faculty and staff to mentor and bring the gift of Christmas to first graders in Edmond.

Due to COVID-19, the party will not be held as an event this year on campus. The gifts that are bought for children will be given directly to their elementary schools with the assistance of Santa Claus and the executive team.

Sponsorship Chair Shelby Denney stated via email: “First graders selected for the program are low income or high risk and may not have the experience of Christmas, especially this year. According to last year’s number we had about 160 kids roughly be sponsored. It is so important for people to apply to become sponsors.”

To apply, go to the President’s Club Children’s Christmas Party Instagram at uco_pcccp bio. After applications close, they will contact people who applied and have a sponsorship meeting where you will receive unique information and be assigned your specific child.

Former sponsor Jose Ibarra said:” Being a sponsor for PCCCP has been such a unique experience. It was a privilege getting to provide a Christmas to a child that needed it. This event really puts a perspective on you about priorities, and how a small act by you can make someone’s day completely brighter.”

Denney said it is an important event for college students “to spread the joy of the Christmas season.”

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