FSI breaks in new retro crime scene house

Hannah Wagar

Contributing Writer

The Forensic Science Institute redesigned the way its students conduct proper crime scene processing this semester with the new crime scene house, located inside the FSI building.

The space that was previously used to house the AT&T Digital Lab in the Roger Webb Forensic Science Institute is now converted into a fully developed crime scene house so students can experience what a thorough investigative search might include. , whi

The house is fully furnished in a retro 1970s style, with most of the furniture and decorations provided by the FSI faculty. The 1,600 square foot facility includes a full-sized kitchen, living room, bar, bathroom, laundry room and both front yard and backyard spaces, according to Interim FSI Director Mark McCoy. The multiple rooms can accommodate several students or groups who can be simultaneously investigating different spaces in the house, with each offering a realistic crime scene experience.

This new space will help supplement the scenes the department has been creating from outdoor spaces, cars, and stand-alone props to help capture the elements of indoor crime scenes, according to Keisha Jones, an FSI professor who teaches both regular and advanced crime scene processing. 

In the past, crime scenes had to be assembled and taken down after exercises, but the crime scene house is a permanent fixture that can be easily changed for individual classes or specific cases, and can be stocked with elements of a real house such as bedding, books, clothing, and bottles that can serve as potential evidence. Currently, staff are putting the finishing touches on the furniture and decorations, and is expected to be used in regular instruction soon.

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