Finding the right path can be challenging for non-traditional students

Kyle Batt

It might not be the choice of major or an uncertainty of direction that leads a student to a necessary change of venue — a new school and a fresh start. The environment and the student might not be a good fit for each other. 

Daniel Taylor is currently a choir director in Broken Arrow Public Schools, but his journey through college to get there had one major detour. 

Taylor began his college career at Oklahoma City University as a member of the show choir. Despite doing what he loved and having some success already, Taylor could not help but feel like he wasn’t achieving his full potential. 

“My roommate hardly ever went to class and he’d always try and get me to skip, too,” Taylor said. 

Although he was enjoying being part of the choir and getting to attend college close to home, Taylor made the decision to move out of the dorms and back in with his parents after his first year at Oklahoma City University. 

“It was a big improvement for my grades and mental health,” he said.

Though there was an immediate improvement for Taylor personally, things outside of himself would have an affect on his college journey. 

“Things got pretty sour,” Taylor said, “I wasn’t sure if this was going to work out there anymore.” 

The shifting scene in the department led to a reevaluation by Taylor on how best to move forward. 

“I took some time and talked it over with my parents, some advisors and friends from Oklahoma State and decided to take a chance and transfer,” Taylor said. 

There were some credits that did not transfer, which led to an extra year of schooling for Taylor, but he managed to graduate from Oklahoma State University having been an integral part of the show choir during his time there. 

“It was difficult at times, and a long five years, but I’m glad I stuck it out,” he said.

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