February brings new horoscopes

Venus is now in Pisces, ushering in 4 weeks of dreamy love vibes. Feeling a big shift after the end of Mars and Mercury retrograde earlier this month? You wouldn’t be alone. 

Jan. 21- Feb. 18 is Aquarius season.


Hey fireball. This week brings a lot of emotional energy and it’s up to you how to navigate it! There’s two big Cancer Moon days that amplify everyone’s feelings, then a Full Leo Moon immediately after. Think of it like Twisted Sister’s music video for We’re Not Gonna Take It – the part where the kid’s guitar strum pushes the guy out of the window. It’s like that but for your feelings, especially with Ceres’ retrograde transiting your house of close relationships. Preparing compassionate phrases to deescalate conflict could prove useful.


A Full Leo Moon brings a little heat to a chilly February this week. Ceres’ retrograde transits your house of daily habits. What we do every day changes us, so it’s wise to pay attention to those things. A Sun square Uranus aspect on Friday adds a little unconventionality to your day! This is a great time to take space to meditate on new ways of thinking. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain. Saturday is usually a good day to socialize, but Sunday brings the extra spark this time.   


This week starts with the Moon in your sign, great for productive energy and socializing! The Ceres retrograde transits your fifth house. This is an excellent time to pick up new hobbies and leave behind what doesn’t serve you. The Leo Moon, additionally, transits your house of intellect. Astrologically, this is a boost of energy and likely an advantage. This is a powerful week for deciding how you’d like to align your thoughts and actions to your desires.


The Moon slips into your sign Thursday, which will probably feel like a gentle hug. Ceres retrograde transits your house of home and family, bringing attention to the ways you care for yourself and the people around you. This is a gentle transit, offering an opportunity to readdress patterns and tend to your many metaphorical gardens. Sunday’s Leo Full Moon shines a spotlight on the whole weekend. This is a great time for a get together if you feel like hosting!


Welcome to your Full Moon, Leo! It’s a burst of energy that you’ll feel all week if not all month. However, before this Moon, there’s potential for an emotional Thursday and Friday. With the Moon in Cancer on these days, it’s worth it to extend a listening ear and an open heart to you and yours. Follow your spark! Additionally, the Ceres retrograde beginning this week transits your house of intellect, bringing shifts to the way you think that will surface fully in early May.


When the Full Leo Moon transits your twelfth house of subconscious patterns, expect a little extra spark in your step this weekend! This Leo Moon says: embracing confident energy can make life feel easier even if it doesn’t change facts immediately. It may also come through as a boosted sense of drive. Also, this Ceres retrograde encourages you to review what nurtures your sense of security, both emotional and material. This will conclude in early May. 


Great news: the Full Moon in Leo transits your house of friendships! This could bring in a completion of a cycle tied to changes that occurred in the past few months. It’s also an opportune time to network and socialize! Additionally, Ceres goes retrograde in your sign on Friday and will stay that way until May. It being in your sign brings attention to the ways you care for yourself. What needs to stay, what can be added, and what should go? Centering and following your intuition will provide greater clarity. Try not to people-please.


Two interesting events take the sky this week: Ceres retrograding until May and a sweet Full Moon this weekend. The Moon shines a Leo spotlight on your career and public face. This is opportune for taking big steps towards your goals. In short: you look good! The Ceres retrograde focuses on your subconscious, so it’s likely you will be doing a lot of work under the surface. Time will tell. 


For you, dear centaur, the Full Moon shines on the ninth house of philosophy and travel. This is also the house natively ruled by your sign, so expect an expansion in your personal energy. It could bring some good news if you are already waiting on travel plans. Ceres retrograde will address how you relate to your collective. This is friendships, networks, and community. Changes will take about three months, so preheat your oven accordingly! Microwave directions not included. 


Sunday’s Moon transits your eighth house while Ceres retrograde reviews your career/public face. This means that while this week will add extra sparkle to hidden things in your life (including hidden desires), you’re also heading into a shift in the way the world sees you. Since Ceres is the asteroid representing the ways we nurture, this retrograde will review what needs extra attention in terms of jobs and how you interact with the public. (Read: your fans.)


This Leo Moon may just spill the beans before you do! It will transit your house of closest connections while adding a little extra spice to those same relationships. A Venus-Mars square on Saturday could create conditions for conflict. Meanwhile, Ceres retrograde looks at your ninth house of philosophy and travel. How will you choose to nurture the part of yourself that yearns for ideas and experiences outside of the norm? Technically you have until May, but now is a great time to think it over.


The Ceres retrograde transits your house of things usually hidden. You may find yourself untangling inner secrets for the next few months. A Venus-Mars square on Saturday brings conflicting energies that are best tempered by avoiding petty or domineering interactions. However, past this speedbump is a lovely Full Moon transiting your house of daily habits. If creativity calls your name, Sunday is the perfect time to explore! Take an art class, accompany a friend to the Melton Gallery on campus, or make a playlist – this outcome is up to you! 

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