F/64 Photo Society set to host Valentine’s shoot

F/64 Photo Society is having a Valentine’s Day photoshoot on Thursday, Feb. 10 from 2 to 6 p.m. in the Woody Gaddis Gallery in the mass communications building. 

“We will be doing 10 minute long sessions for singles, couples and small groups,” said Cam Abel, president of F/64, “All photos will be shot in the studio in MCOM 104, we will be using professional lighting and photography equipment for each session. After the event, we will be editing the best photos from each session and all photos will be available in time for Valentine’s Day. All photographers will be wearing masks and we ask that anyone coming to have their photo taken also wear a mask, however people will not have to wear a mask while having their photos taken.”

“This event should be a lot of fun for everyone involved. In my opinion, studio photoshoots are always a good time, not just for the photographers but also for the models. I’m excited that we, as a club, will be able to produce high quality photos for anyone who needs them for Valentine’s Day,” Abel said. 

A Feb. 2 post about the event on the society’s instagram story included the words “Only pay for the photos you love!”

When asked about potential cost, Abel replied that though the society has not set a price yet,  “Any costs will be kept very low and affordable for college students.”

The team of photographers running the event will be volunteers from the society, said Jesse Miller, advisor of F/64 and professor of photography. 

Abel and multiple photographers “will be working in shifts to take and edit photos throughout the event. All of the photographers will be members of the F/64 Photo Society and all of us working the event are experienced with studio photography and trained with the professional equipment we will be using,” Abel said. 

“This event will be a great opportunity for anyone to get professional quality pictures of themselves and loved ones in time for Valentine’s Day,” said Abel. 

Miller said “The event was planned as a fun activity to do for Valentine’s Day where we could give back to the community and give photo club members practice doing portrait photography.”
Miller encourages those interested in the event to RSVP to F64society@gmail.com.

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