End of Visitor Parking Lot Construction is Nigh

The University of Central Oklahoma’s visitor parking lot 10, next to the Nigh University Center, is undergoing a $1.1 million construction and remodel project that is projected to be completed by July 31.

“Lot 10 was in very poor condition and in need of major repairs and replacement,” said David Stapleton, director of Architectural and Engineering Services.

According to Stapleton, the two vehicle entrances were not placed accordingly with the NUC main entrance which made it difficult for visitors to access. This will be fixed by adding a new design to the parking lot with new entrances allowing an efficient flow of pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

The remodel, which began May 7, will create three different parking lots designated to visitor and event parking. According to Stapleton, the circle drive in front of the NUC will also face significant changes, creating more accessible parking spaces near the building’s entrance and replacing damaged sidewalks and ramps.

The east of the Nigh University Center visitor parking lot is still available for parking with 193 parking spaces.

“The visitor lot is still functioning the same, just on a small scale this summer,” said Josh Stone, director of Transportation and Parking Services.

For the duration of the construction over the summer, new ADA compliant parking spaces were created in the open eastern section of the visitors lot.

“This included pouring a temporary sidewalk to ensure ADA compliance with access to Thatcher [Hall] and the NUC and creating new access aisles in the eastern portion of the lot,” Stone said.

Once the construction is over, Transportation and Parking Services will have to ability to zone sections off for events or open up sections for commuters, faculty and staff as needed.

With the addition of the new Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Building, a new walkway will be added to the east side of the NUC to allow students access the Forensic Science Institute and the STEM building.

Stapleton said the construction has been planned since June 2017 and was guided by a study of parking needs in the area. Funding was acquired from Campus Enterprises, which oversees the creation and planning of short- and long-term renovations on UCO’s campus.

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