Edmond Police Department Prepares for COVID-19 Challenges

The month of April opened with no major crimes in Edmond, according to a spokesperson for the Edmond Police Department, as residents began the month in anticipation of COVID-19.

“It’s been pretty quiet lately,” said public information officer Emily Ward on April 1.

Ward said officer safety was a major concern the department is currently facing due to the pandemic.

“Keeping our officers safe from a potential exposure to COVID-19 is extremely important,” Ward said. “Staying safe from exposure of any kind is nothing new to law enforcement.”

Edmond police patrol an area that, according to the 2010 Census, had a population density per square mile of 961.2, and a land area of 84.70 square miles.

The department’s website links to a crime map that shows the types of offenders and situations officers encounter.

“Our officers come in contact every day with individuals who could potentially expose them to any number of infectious diseases or hazardous materials,” Ward said.

All officers, according to Ward, receive personal protective equipment (PPE) and are trained in its use.

“Right now they are taking extra disinfecting precautions to keep themselves and others around them safe,” Ward said.

The City of Edmond recently issued a shelter in place order, effective through April 30. Unlike Oklahoma City, Ward said Edmond does not have any ordinances that assign fines for violating emergency declarations.

Ward said Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter “outlined some points on law enforcement regarding the governor’s executive order” on his website.

Hunter’s website directs citizens to the state department of health website, coronavirus.health.ok.gov, for more information.

The Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group website provides information below the state level.

“The bottom line is that unless you have been declared an essential worker, it is extremely important for you to stay home,” Ward said.

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