Edmond installs more electric vehicle charging stations

Isabel Eldridge

Contributing Writer

Charging stations are becoming more plentiful in Edmond. (Electrify America)

More charging stations have been added to the city in the past year, according to the City of Edmond. Edmond currently has 30 public charging station ports. These ports give access for people with fully electric vehicles to charge.

“I believe that the addition of more charging stations is beneficial,” said current UCO student Brittany Tu. “Of the charging stations that already exist, most of them are placed in the parking lots of shopping centers or grocery stores, which I think are great. This makes them easily accessible for those with electric cars.”

Although charging stations have become more accessible in Edmond, this does not mean that electric cars are more plentiful. 

“Electric cars are definitely an investment for most consumers, but I believe that they could do more good in the long run,” Tu said. “I believe that if we continue to push for the increased (and more sustainable) production of electric cars that the price of them would decrease as a result and become more accessible to common working-class citizens. The lack of charging stations may also play a role in deciding whether to purchase an electric car or not.” 

Although electric cars are the more sustainable choice, it does not mean that the average person can afford these kinds of vehicles. 

“In the long term I think they will be more accessible,” said local environmental activist Summer Bryant. “Unfortunately, because of the high power battery inside of an electric vehicle, it takes over 20 years to surpass the sustainability of a regular gas functioning vehicle. Not to mention, it depends on what source of electricity. If it’s solar, wind or water-sourced, then it would ultimately be a more sustainable choice.” 

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