Cheer and dance competition set for big return

This year, UCO sororities and fraternities will be competing in the cheer and dance competition by displaying skills including stunting, jumping, tumbling, and dancing. The competition will take place March 3-4 in  Hamilton Field House. 

Previously, due to COVID-19, athletes had to wear masks while practicing and competing and were not allowed to perform stunting skills due to the close contact requirements. The number of spectators attending the performance was also limited. 

This year, athletes are allowed to practice and perform without masks and there have been no limitations announced regarding the number of in-person attendees allowed at the performance. 

Zoe Cardenas, coach for Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike) fraternity, coached during the COVID-19 restrictions last year and shared her excitement for the upcoming competition. 

“This group of guys is great and they’re optimistic and they love cheer and dance, so it makes it more enjoyable. They put a lot of work and dedication into it so it’s exciting,” Cardenas said.  

Chandler Fleming is a first year cheer and dance performer. Although he did not have to experience the restrictions and mandates, he is ready to compete and, he hopes, win. 

“All of the guys talk about how it’s one of the best experiences as a Pike and I’m ready to see what the hype is about,” Fleming said.

All of the UCO sororities and fraternities plan to compete this year.

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