Campus Sexual Assault Suspect in Custody

Max Chambers Library security foot- age shows the campus sexual assault suspect entering the east doors of the library on Wednesday, Feb. 28. The suspect allegedly made lewd comments and engaged in sexual conversation with multiple female students on campus. Curtis Redmond turned himself in to the Edmond jail last week. (Provided/ UCOPD)

The man accused of assaulting multiple female students on the University of Central Oklahoma campus last week turned himself in to Edmond city jail after seeing media coverage that included footage of him in the Max Chambers Library.
“Edmond jail staff called UCO Police, who then picked him up for questioning at our department,” said Adrienne Nobles, assistant vice president for University Communications. “After questioning, police determined there was enough evidence to arrest him and charge him with sexual battery.”
Curtis Redmond was reported to have approached several students in Max Chambers Library and outside the Education building on Feb. 28, engaging them in sexual-related conversation. One report also said that the accused hugged and kissed a women against her will.
UCO Police released an email about the case later that afternoon with surveillance photos of the suspect as well as a general description. A post with the information UCO’s Facebook page received over 2000 shares, helping to spread the information throughout the community.
“The first two photos shared were captured quickly while the suspect was moving to get initial information out as soon as possible on Wednesday,” Nobles said. “As more footage was reviewed by police, they found opportunities to capture images where the suspect was not moving. These were shared on Thursday.”

Besides UCO campus, Redmond also reportedly approached several women at a Walmart store located on Santa Fe Ave. and Danforth Road in Edmond.
Laura Thederahn, a UCO student who works as a sales associate at that Walmart, said the suspect came to the store around 5 a.m. on Wednesday morning, the same day he was on campus. The suspect approached Thederahn and asked her if she was single.
“Once I had turned him down, he commented on how nice looking I was before continuing on throughout the store,” Thederahn said. “He approached many different women throughout the store before leaving.”
Thederahn said Redmond had been banned from the store two years ago for sexually harassing and assaulting multiple associates.
“I still attend UCO, and it worries me to know that someone like him, that probably isn’t a student, is able to come up to campus and assault others,” Thederahn said.
Nobles said UCO Police work 24/7 patrolling campus and responding to the needs of our students, faculty and staff. Students can also use the Safe Walk program to request an officer to escort them to parking lot or other buildings.
“This was a very rare circumstance last week,” UCO Police Chief Jeffrey Harp said. “As for indoors, recommend immediate movement to other people and don’t be afraid of making a scene to draw attention.”
In Oklahoma, sexual battery is a felony, and a conviction brings a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.
Redmond has been convicted on multiple meth and marijuana charges in the past.

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