Business workshop discusses work/life balance

The UCO College of Business Student Success Center will be hosting a new workshop on Wednesday via Zoom. The under-construction workshop, called “Adulting 101: Work-Life Balance,” is being developed and led by Dr. Niccole Miller, senior director of strategic initiatives for student success in the college of business.

According to Miller, “Work-Life Balance” will discuss how students can balance their responsibilities outside of school, such as raising a child, having a job or both. 

“We’re going to be talking about how they can organize their life and find a better balance, maybe even compartmentalizing some of the different facets of life in order to eliminate stress,” Miller said. 

“The goal is to help students be better organized and to have a better sense of balance in their life,” said Jordan Scribner, director of business career and transfer student services at the Student Success Center. 

Scribner said that her role in “Work-Life Balance” is to STLR tag and advertise the workshop on social media pages and the UCO master calendar. 

The approach and agenda for the workshop is yet to be determined, but Miller said that her general approach is to conduct a presentation while allowing participants to ask questions. She said that if the workshop discusses sensitive topics, students may ask and answer questions via survey and remain anonymous. 

“There’s different methods and ways to encourage interaction, so I try to make sure that people are discussing when it is appropriate and when they’re willing to talk openly,” Miller said. “I also want to respect their privacy.”

If needed, participants can make an appointment with her after the workshop and discuss the topic with her on a one on one basis. 

“Those conversations with students are what remind me of why I do what I do and why I love what I do,” said Miller. 

The workshop does not require registration and is open to all students and the general public. The Zoom link can be obtained through the UCO master calendar and the Student Success Center workshop calendar.

“Prior to every semester, all of the individuals responsible for leading the workshops get together and plan out our calendar with what topics, what dates, what times, what settings we want the workshops to be,” Scribner said. “We review the feedback from previous workshops to see if there’s a need that we haven’t hit on yet. That’s partly where ‘Work-Life Balance’ came from, because even though we were offering a stress management workshop, there was a bigger need for a work-life balance.” 

Participants will be awarded with Health and Wellness STLR credit.For more information, email the college of business Student Success Center at

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