A break or a breakdown, UCO closes due to ice storm

Fall break was canceled before school started because of the pandemic, so the recent ice storm gave tired and stressed out students an unexpected fall break at the University of Central Oklahoma. 

Despite the inconvenience of icy roads and power outages, students appreciated not having classes for most of the last week of October.

“Having the week off was nice, but it being unexpected was not so nice,” said LeeAnn Cooper, a junior majoring in substance abuse studies. “None of my teachers clarified if our due dates would be moved so that part was stressful. However, it was very relaxing and needed.”

“[It] was extremely beneficial to my emotional health,” said Jordan Collier, a junior in marketing. “I still had homework to do but, I did not have to go to work or attend my classes in person. This gave me more time to focus on the quality of my assignments and spending quality time with my roommate, essentially improving my state of mind.” 

In light of that, some students expressed concern about not having a break in the spring. Students face 16 straight weeks of school next semester as Spring Break 2021 was removed from the academic calendar. 

“I was upset when I found out we weren’t going to have a spring break,” nursing freshman Brooklyn Everett said. “Now that I’m in college, college spring break was always something that seemed fun to look forward to — to get a break  from school and to have fun with your friends.”

Katy Barnes, a senior in professional selling, agreed. 

“I am disappointed that we are not going to have spring break,” Barnes said. “I understand the reasoning: to prevent students from traveling, returning to campus, and potentially spreading the virus. I also know students will travel over Christmas break now instead. I don’t think that canceling spring break will prevent students from traveling.” 

Others are looking forward to more time off during winter break. 

“I did not mind spring break being canceled because I’ve been told we will get an extra week off of winter break, Tracy Herbert, a senior psychology major, said. “Spring break would not have been the same with this pandemic anyways.” 

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