‘3 Body Problem’ brings scrappy characters and mystique along the way


 After the controversial ending of “Game of Thrones” in 2019, it seemed that David Benioff and D. B Weiss were pariahs in the entertainment world. But they have returned with yet another adaptation of a well known property. “3 Body Problem” is an adaptation of the Chinese science fiction trilogy “Remembrance of Earth’s Past” from Liu Cixin. This is the second adaptation of the property after the Chinese TV show “Three Body” and many of the characters in the trilogy have been changed into European and American characters, while not losing the context that the series was written in. 

Despite skepticism, “3 Body Problem” is proving to be an engaging piece of science fiction television. While many have derided the books for its dry delivery of its concepts, Benioff and Weiss manages to combine concepts with likable, scrappy characters who get wrapped up in a conspiracy that might just determine the fate of our world. The show is paced confidently and moves quickly, though it never forgets to give the characters depth and nuance as they face many difficult choices as the show moves along. 

What was truly enticing was the mystery, and how Benoiff, Weiss, and fellow showrunner Alexander Wong use it to illustrate our flaws. Many common themes of science fiction is touched upon in this season such as humanity’s place in the cosmos, how our all too human desire to know and understand will lead to our doom, and the choices we’ll make so humanity can be saved from an existential threat. But the writers never give you any clear cut answers, only showing how the characters react and have us see the consequences of their choices. 

While there is still skepticism of Benioff and Weiss after their handling of the “Game of Thrones” ending, they prove they can still create compelling television and they have an ending to the series that they can work with, so here’s hoping that they keep creating great television shows and putting out quality content. 

While it is too early to describe this as a masterpiece, “3 Body Problem” is a show that never gets lost in its own thoughtfulness. 

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