The Central Veteran Road to Success

0 June 22, 2015

What if we could give back to those who have actually served us? Well, at the University of Central Oklahoma we do. In 2010, UCO became part of the nation’s Student Veterans of America. The SVA organization is a somewhat umbrella system of student ve ...


Make Guthrie Weird

November 18, 2014

Some may remember that the town of Guthrie was the first capitol of Oklahoma, but most have never heard of it. Even fewer have ever been there. But all that seems to be changing as the town is embracing a new idea that just might put Guthrie on the m ...


Cycology 101

November 4, 2014

Some people may wonder what that psychology sign spelled “Cycology” is across from the mass communication building on campus. Or better yet, what’s might be down there. Or maybe even who might be down there. His name is Bill Harpster. Bill is the on- ...


Low Gas Prices in Edmond

September 26, 2014

Gas prices are averaging $2.97 in Edmond. AAA tells us they expect prices to keep dropping through the winter months. We talked to a few Edmond residents to see if they think the low prices are here to stay.