The Maturing Millennial: Are we there yet?

The Maturing Millennial: Are we there yet?

(Provided/ Carolyn Pickle). 

Our caravan of three cars set out for Seattle on Saturday morning, a bright pink number written on the back of each car in window paint in case someone got lost, but also to discourage other drivers from getting in between us.

A black Dodge pickup truck led the caravan, and in it rode Ben’s mom and older brother Travis, as well as Travis’s beagle Chloe. My new husband, Ben, and our dog Rory were in the last car, a grey Mini Cooper with two white stripes across the top.

My red 1999 manual-transmission Volvo wagon was in the middle, a neon number two on the back window and the “check engine” light constantly lit. We did check the engine after the light first came on in Kansas. Everything was fine, so we decided to continue on with caution.

On the second day, we passed the border from Kansas to Colorado, and that is when the views started to get good. We didn’t drive through Denver, but we drove past it. When the first snow-peaked mountain top peeked through the foggy sky, I struggled with wanting to stare up at it in awe but needing to keep my eyes on the road.

On the third day, Ben’s mom took over driving for me and I finally got a chance to take some pictures through the car window. My little car struggled to keep speed going up some of the sharper inclines, but it made it just fine.

We drove around mountains and through them. It seemed like no matter where we were, there was always something incredible to look up at, or to look down at. My ears popped a lot.

We stopped at a Marina to see the Great Salt Lake in Utah. We walked around the pier through swarms of dragonflies and alien-looking thistles to skip rocks and take pictures.

On Thursday, we made it to the hotel in Tacoma that is going to be our home for the next week, or until we find somewhere to live, whichever comes first.

I do miss my family and friends, but I haven’t had a settled moment to think about it too much yet. This still just feels like a road trip to me, and I haven’t even left the hotel yet to explore the city.

We are  going to do some tourist-y things first, but this week is when the real work of finding jobs and a place to live begins. Wish us luck!

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