The Maturing Millennial: Life After Graduation
"I have no idea what I'm doing" echoes the feelings that a lot of new graduates have about transitioning into adulthood.

The Maturing Millennial: Life After Graduation

Carolyn Pickle stands among her fellow classmates during the Spring 2017 Commencement ceremony. (Provided/ Carolyn Pickle). 

I couldn’t stop smiling on the day of my graduation this past May. Everything about the whole day was perfect. I didn’t trip, I got to see everyone I love who helped me along the way, and my orchid even bloomed that morning. It was like a sign from the universe saying “Good job Carolyn. You made it. Have a pretty flower to look at.”

Good morning I’m graduating today and my orchid bloomed so it’s gonna be a good day ❤️🌸🎉

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I made Dean’s Honor Roll for the semester that I didn’t think I would make it through. I had three breakdowns during the first half of the semester, and I had all but given up for the second half. But somehow, it all came together and I actually got to walk across that stage. I was more than just happy, I was overjoyed. And shocked. It felt like a miracle.

So, that means that hardest part is over, right? Nope. Not for me at least. Graduating was just the first of three obstacles that I will have to overcome in 2017.

My wonderful boyfriend Ben proposed to me in January and I couldn’t be more thrilled. So all semester I have been planning our wedding in addition to my classwork. The wedding date? June 24th, 2017. Yeah, it’s in two weeks.

You may be wondering why we decided on such a short engagement. Am I pregnant? No, thankfully not yet, but the real reason feels just about as hefty and life-changing as a baby.

We are moving to Seattle on July 9th.

I can’t give you a really good reason why we are moving, we just decided to do it. As far as other cities to live in, Seattle has always been our ideal. It’s west, but it’s not hot like California. It’s north enough to where we can pop on over to Canada if we have to, for whatever reason. It’s vastly different from Oklahoma as far as politics go, but it isn’t as hipster as Portland. It checks all our boxes.

But now that it’s getting down to the wire, I’m getting nervous. It’s a big move, and I’ve never lived that far away from my family before.

I’m going to be a newly-graduated newlywed in a new city. I’m going to have a new name and a whole new life, basically. Will we survive the five day road trip? Will we be able to find jobs? Will we have somewhere to live? Who knows! We can find out together.

You may feel some uncertainty about your future after college, and that’s normal. Hopefully reading about my experiences makes you feel a little better about yours.

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