Letter to the Editor – Feb. 23, 2018

Letter to the Editor – Feb. 23, 2018


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The following letter to the editor was received on Feb. 23, 2018 and published on Feb. 27, 2018. 


Dear Editors:

We are faculty and staff of the University of Central Oklahoma who wish to express our disappointment at the decision by UCO’s administration to invite Ken Ham to speak on our campus.

First, and just to clear things up, we believe that Ham has the right to believe whatever he wants, and to express these beliefs. But neither of these rights confers the additional right to payment for expressing one’s convictions, or to the provision of an arena within which to express them. We believe the University resources that will be allocated to this event would be better used in other ways to advance our institution’s educational goals.

Although student funds will not be used to pay Mr. Ham’s speaker fee, the administration’s invitation cannot but be seen as an attempt to pre-empt and publicly rebuke the decision made by the elected representatives of the student body to rescind Mr. Ham’s invitation to speak here. This seems to us entirely to discount the opinions and preferences of our students. The further decision to schedule a “Presentation on the Constitutional Provisions of the First Amendment” alongside of Mr. Ham’s talk strikes us as an inadequate and irrelevant response to the issues at hand.

Mr. Ham’s anti-evolution, anti-gay, anti-feminist opinions are widely available to all with access to the internet. Universities are under no academic or First Amendment-based obligation to give equal time to scientifically discredited views. One purpose of a public university (which must remain neutral between religions) is to teach the best that science has to offer. There also seem to us to be significant reasons not to provide a platform at UCO for someone who has such an extensive history of advocating intolerance and open hostility toward communities that make up a substantial part of our student population. We find Mr. Ham’s apparently baseless willingness to profess personal expertise about topics in Biology, History, Women’s studies, and other disciplines in which UCO employs a complement of highly-trained faculty deeply disturbing.

Public universities are able to function in a free society only as long as those whom they employ as experts, and the students who are elected to represent their peers’ best interests, are able to develop and adhere to meaningful standards when deciding what should and should not happen in the classrooms, lecture halls, and open spaces of a campus. We the undersigned wish to express our sincere hope that the UCO administration’s decision to act openly against these standards does not signal an emerging trend.


Mr. William Andrews

Web Developer, College of Liberal Arts


Ms. Carol Barry

Librarian (retired), Max Chambers Library


Dr. Laura Bolf-Beliveau

Professor and Assistant Chair, English Department 


Dr. Rick Chew

Professor, Humanities and Philosophy


Dr. Jamie Childs

Adjunct Instructor, Humanities and Philosophy


Dr. Eva Dadlez

Professor, Humanities and Philosophy


Dr. Marc Goulding

Assistant Professor, Department of History and Geography


Dr. Katrina Lacher

Associate Professor and Assistant Chair, History and Geography Department


Dr. Caleb W. Lack

Associate Professor, Psychology 


Dr. Patricia Loughlin

Professor and Chair, Department of History and Geography


Dr. James Mock

Professor, Humanities and Philosophy


Dr. Maria-Teresa Moinette

Associate Professor, Modern Languages


Dr. Margaret Musgrove

Professor, Department of Humanities and Philosophy


Dr. Jeff Plaks

Professor Emeritus, History and Geography


Dr. Alyssa L. Provencio

Assistant Professor, Public Administration


Dr. Youngtae Shin

Professor, Political Science


Dr. Mark Silcox

Professor, Department of Humanities and Philosophy


Ms. Heidi Vaughn

Director, UCO Laboratory of History Museum


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