Letter to The Editor (April 10, 2017 Issue)

Letter to The Editor (April 10, 2017 Issue)

The following is a letter to the editor that appeared on page 11 in the April 10, 2017 Issue of The Vista. 

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“Dear Editor,

I’m writing to express a major concern happening with your paper, The Vista. You see, last Thursday (3/30/2017) a very famous poet, Danez Smith, gave a spectacular performance in the Pegasus Theatre. Over 100 guests attended, and it was a collaboration of efforts between seven different organizations as event sponsors. They include: Black Male Initiative, Black Student Association, Department of English, Literature in Performance (L.I.P.), New Plains Student Publishing, Student Alliance for Equality (SAFE), and Woman’s Research Center & BLGTQ+. The Alexander Lawerence Posey Speaker Series featuring Danez Smith is important because, as our program writeup by Seth Copeland points out, “it celebrates Alexander Posey’s legacy and spirit by featuring underrepresented voices. We want to showcase identities too frequently “othered” in mainstream discourse, to bring their rivers to the flood. We are here for convergence: the cross-stitch of heteroglossia, the fight of double consciousness, the love that bridges mountains.”

So, what is my concern you may or may not be wondering? The simple fact that our event, though interviewed by a student reporter, was not ran in your Volume 114, Issue 9 edition. Instead, the front page ran a “healthier campus” writeup, which, though related to the University itself, our event encompasses everything the University intends to promote through unity, diversity, transformative learning, and discourse of the political climate found in our community and across the globe.

My concern is The Vista, may be falling into a dangerous lachrymose style of deeming what is pertinent to publish and following in the footsteps of the mainstream media by promoting stories not holding much weight (i.e. celebrity news) over a story which holds value and deeper meaning, especially with such a diverse group of event sponsors who worked so diligently to host such a meaningful event, which for me, has been lifechanging and eye-opening.

Best wishes,

Joshua Barnett


New Plains Student Publishing

**Personal contact information has been omitted. No other changes to this letter have been made.

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