World Cup Corruption

World Cup Corruption

Corruption and bribery, two words that any person can associate with FIFA these days, after reports stated that Muhammed Bin Hammam paid money for Qatar to be given the World Cup in 2022, despite some serious questions to whether it could hold such an event. Multiple people within the organization, like Hammam, have either been suspended or have resigned due to the controversy.

You might ask what makes Qatar such a bad place for this event.  The country has some history, but not much, and has never qualified for the World Cup.  If the Cup stays here, history will be made, with Qatar getting an automatic bid.

First of all, Qatar summers are known to be extremely hot, reaching upwards of 120 degrees Fahrenheit, making conditions unbearable. Because of this, FIFA President Sepp Blatter saidthat awarding Qatar was a mistake.  In Qatar’s bid, however, they have said they will have technology thatcan lower the temperature by 45 degrees, but that is something I need to see to believe.

The weather is one issue, but another issue is the working conditions involved in preparing for the World Cup.  The public has routinely scrutinized these working conditions, as the Nepalese Embassy in Qatar has reported hundreds of deaths in recent years.  With this and the protests in Brazil this year, FIFA cannot afford to keep the World Cup in Qatar.

Lastly, there are just too many stadiums and facilities that need to be built.  The Qatar bid showed five stadiums that will be built in time for the Cup, but why go to a place that has to build, when you have a place like the United States that already has plenty of stadiums. Granted, they are football stadiums, but still, it should have been an easy pick, but that is what money does I guess.

All in all, the United States is perfect for an event like this.  There are so many great stadiums in this county like the Rose Bowl and Jerry World that wewould not have theseissues of working conditions, or protests for building stadiums.  For once, all might have actually been calm for the soccer organization.

The United States and the World Cup are perfect for each other.  Besides all the stadiums and better climate, fans wouldflock toanywhere that is showing the game.  Soccer might not be America’s favorite sport, but itsure does love the World Cup.  The United States last held the World Cup in 1994, and it was a huge success.  People will come to the games, as well  aswatch them on television; ratings would soar through the roof.

We keep trying to raise the interest in soccer in the United States, especially in Oklahoma City with the Energy. If we hosted the FIFA World Cup in this country, people would get a lot more exposure than with just normal MLS, which is occasionally on ESPN. I think it could only help more people understand and love the sport.

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