“The Underachievers” Perform in OKC

“The Underachievers” Perform in OKC

The Underachievers visited Oklahoma for the first time this month, introducing the Midwest to the sound of the East Coast rappers.  (Photo provided by Wikipedia.)

The Underachievers introduced OKC to the “Beast Coast.”

The Underachievers are an American duo from Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York. The two East Coast rappers, AK and Issa Gold, started making music together in 2011. The group’s first official release was their critically acclaimed mixtape “Indigoism” in February of 2013. They have since released two official albums: “Cellar Door: Terminus ut Exordium” in 2014 and “Evermore: The Art of Duality” in 2015.

This being their first time in OKC, the excitement from the fans was high, but not as high as the anticipation.

Damon Morrison, Business major at the University of Ashford, said if he wasn’t a super fan before, then he definitely is now.

“Oklahoma doesn’t get that entertainment style all the time, like if you were out in New York, Cali or Vegas. They didn’t have to come at all, so for them to get for their hardcore fans in OKC is dope.”

The DJ provides the music between each performer until he finally goes silent. The hiss from the fog machine echoes throughout the building as the ominous synths that The Underachievers are known for begin to fill the place. Two shadowy figures make their way through the fog and then you hear Issa Gold say, “What’s up OKC?”

The crowd has been waiting three hours for them to come out and screams while rushing to get as close to the stage as possible. Then the beat drops. The crowd starts jumping up and down, bending the floor as it tries to support the weight of everyone.

AK and Issa Gold’s chemistry is as apparent live on stage as it is on their albums, and the back and forth with each other translates better on stage than it does in the music. Being each other’s hype man lets them feed off each other’s energynot just the crowd.

Their interaction with the crowd was prevalent throughout the show as well. After each song they would reach out into the crowd to high-five fans, shake their hands and talk to them. This made the crowd get even more involved with each song they performed and the floors more likely to give out at any second.

D’chima Onwusa, Pharmacy major at SWOSU, said he was excited and enjoyed his time at the concert.

“I was so excited when I found they were coming to Oklahoma because not many rappers come here. They also played all the songs I wanted to hear like ‘Herb Shuttles,’ ‘T.A.D.E.D.,’ ‘Leaving Scraps’ and ‘Flexing.’ They even did an encore which made the night even better.”

The Underachievers went on to perform two extra songs, one of them being “Leaving Scraps” from there 2013 Lords of Flatbush mixtape.

The Underachievers are currently prepping for the Smoker’s Club Tour starting May 31st. The tour will also include Cam’ron, G Herbo, Smoke DZA, and Nyck Caution.

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