The Maturing Millennial: T-Minus Two Days

The Maturing Millennial: T-Minus Two Days

It’s starting to feel real. I’m about to be a wife. We got our marriage license on Wednesday and I almost cried seeing my new name on such an official document.

It feels weird, like I’m becoming a whole new person. My last name is so unique, it’ll be strange not to be associated with it anymore.

Really, I’ll just be the same person. I’ll just have my best friend legally tied to me. And that’s something that I think I can live with.

All the last-minute wedding details are falling into place, and we are almost ready for the big move to Seattle. We’ve spent the last few days switching between packing up boxes and doing wedding crafts.

It’s kind of interesting that amidst the stress of planning a 2,000 mile move, we are also planning a wedding. But it’s happening!

Honestly, we’ve been so busy, I almost forgot to write this. But things are settling down, relatively. We are leaving bright and early tomorrow to head to McAlester to meet with our officiant.

Pretty much the only thing going through my head right now is “I can’t believe this is happening.” I had a wedding nightmare where everything went wrong. At this point though, I’m letting all the stress roll off my back. There’s even a 60% chance of rain on our wedding day, but I don’t even care.

Saturday night we’ll be married, and that is all that matters.

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