Bucking Broncho: Beckham and Co. Made A Mistake

Bucking Broncho: Beckham and Co. Made A Mistake

New York Giants wide receivers Odell Beckham, center, and Victor Cruz, right, walk together after NFL football practice, Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2017, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

Odell Beckham made headlines again and this time he pulled his fellow wide receiver core into the mix with a trip down the east coast to unwind before they started the playoffs.

The New York Giants’ wide receivers swiftly flew out to South Beach, everyone’s premier vacation spot, and unwound before a stressful stretch of the season. It sounds equivalent to a businessman taking a short vacation before a stressful portion of the fiscal year or a teacher taking a trip right before the spring semester starts. The only difference is something we’re already aware of: Beckham, Victor Cruz, Sterling Shepard, and Roger Lewis are all athletes about to play in the NFL playoffs. That’s why people care so much about this.

Although I remain an advocate for the freedom of these players and their lives, I do think the trip they made was a mistake after witnessing the 38-13 dismantling by the Green Bay Packers, largely because the Giants offense looked like complete crap. Beckham finished his season with a performance of 4 catches for 28 yards. He virtually had no effect on the game’s outcome and neither did Cruz, one of the team’s leaders who finished with 3 receptions for 30 yards. The rookie Shepard had the most productive day with just 4 catches for 63 yards.

After writing a column on TheSuaveReport.com in favor of their actions, I’ve slightly changed my view. I don’t think there is anything particularly wrong with taking a short trip before a stressful portion of the season, but as a well-known athlete, I wouldn’t make it publicly known. This little trip made headlines, as they knew it would as soon as that picture on the boat was posted. They knew there would be good publicity and they knew there would be critics. From the looks of it, it all got in their heads and they weren’t 100 percent focused on the ultimate goal: the upcoming matchup against the Packers at Lambeau Field, a challenging place to play even without off-the-field drama.

Other athletes, especially former star Ray Lewis disagree with Beckham’s actions as well. I think it’s also safe to say that Beckham knows about his problems, as mentioned in this story.

Then again, Beckham’s maturity has been in question for awhile now. From the petty fights with Washington Redskins’ defensive back Josh Norman to getting in a fight with a kicking net, then a week later proposing to it, we’ve just known he likes attention like a 14-year-old. This is just another example.

With that being said, the New York Giants’ season is over, allowing time for these receivers to do all the traveling and partying they please while they watch their division rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, march through the playoffs.


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