UCentral Student Work Application

Professional Media majors applying for UCentral positions with the UCentral News newscast and/or one of the UCentral netcasts must complete parts 1 and 2 below.

If you have never been employed as a student worker at UCO, please click the link and complete an official application with the university for the position of UCentral Multimedia Journalist.  https://jobs.uco.edu/postings/16946

Once you have an official application on file with UCO or have worked as a UCO student worker in the past, please complete the following information…


Will you be enrolled in TV Participation (MCOM 2511) for this semester you are applying?


Select your top two UCentral position choices you wish to apply:

1st Choice

2nd Choice

Explain why you are qualified and capable to hold the position of your first choice.

Check the days you are available to work.

Check the classes below you have completed?