UCO vs. Washburn

UCO vs. Washburn

TThe UCO Bronchos (2-7) host the Washburn Ichabods (6-3) on homecoming weekend.

Washburn fails to get a first down and forced to punt to the Bronchos.

Bronchos start their first drive at their own 22-yard line.

UCO fails to get anything going punting the ball right back to Washburn.

Washburn ball at own 23.

UCO intercepts Washburn.

Junior Addison Staggs picks off Washburn senior quarterback Derek McGinnis and returns it to the UCO 41.

UCO Turnover on downs.

Washburn regains possession of the ball at their own 31.

Washburn scores first.

McGinnis throws a 14-yard touchdown to senior wide receiver Bryce Chavis going up 7-0.

UCO junior running back Clay McKenzie fumbles recovered by Washburn.

The end of the first quarter Bronchos trail 7-0.

Washburn scores second  touchdown in the first minute of the second quarter.

McGinnis connected with senior wide receiver Anthony Daniels Jr. for his second touchdown pass of the game.

UCO punts.

Senior Christian Fulham punts the ball al the way to the Washburn 4-yard line with 11:20 left in second quarter.

Washburn goes three-and-out punting to the UCO 36.

Washburn intercepts UCO.

Junior quarterback Chas Stallard is intercepted by Washburn redshirt freshman Heath Tucker stepping out of bounds at the Washburn 28-yard line.

The UCO defense gets another stop.

Washburn punts a holding penalty called on the Bronchos ball will be placed at the UCO 9.

UCO has the ball second-and-10 at the Washburn 14 with 1:32 left in the half.

Bronchos score their touchdown.

Junior Josh Crockett dives into the end zone for an 8-yard touchdown reception from Stallard with 46 seconds left.

Washburn kicker Perry Schmiedeler hits 46-yard field goal to close the first half 17-7.

UCO receives the opening kickoff of the second half.

Touchback the ball will be placed at the Bronchos 25.

UCO punts the ball going out of bounds at the Washburn 3-yard line.

McGinnis completes a 72-yard pass to Chavis going out of bounds at the Bronchos 18.

On the next play touchdown Washburn 24-7.

McGinnis throws an 18-yard touchdown pass to Sophomore wide receiver James Brania-Hopp.

Crockett catches his second touchdown 24-14.

Stallard completes a 19-yard touchdown pass to Crockett.

The UCO defense forces Washburn to punt building on their momentum.

The Broncho offense will come onto the field at the UCO 33.

The UCO offense fails to move the ball punting it right back to Washburn.

Washburn touchdown with 13 seconds left in the third quarter.

Senior running back Mickeel Stewart walks into the end zone for his first touchdown on the game.

UCO ball on third-and-2 at their own 38 at the end of the third quarter.

UCO stopped on third-and-2 for no gain.

UCO goes for it on fourth-and-2 Stallard throws an incompletion to L’liott Curry, but flag on the field for roughing the passer giving UCO a first down.

The Bronchos go for it on fourth-and-7 from the Washburn 44- yard line.

Stallard completes the pass to senior Connor Pulley good for a Bronchos first down.

Crockett makes a magnificent flip to get into the end zone  31-21.

Crockett caught a 9-yard reception from Stallard for his third touchdown.

Washburn goes three-and-out punting the ball back to UCO.

The UCO offense comes back onto the field at the Washburn 45-yard line.

The Bronchos get  into the red zone with first-and-10 at the Washburn 13.

Pass interference on Washburn, first-and-goal UCO at the 2.

UCO narrows the lead down to 31-28 with 7:28 left in the fourth quarter.

Stallard powers his way into the end zone on a 2-yard touchdown run.

Stallard has scored all four touchdowns  for the Bronchos.

Touchback on the ensuing kickoff Washburn ball at their own 25.

Washburn converts fourth-and-one at their own 46 with less than 4 minutes remaining.

Timeout UCO, Washburn’s ball on third-and-6 at the UCO 16.

Junior Collis Walker sacks McGinnis for a Washburn loss of 6 yards.

Timeout UCO It is now fourth-and-12 with 2:05 left in the game.

UCO blocks Washburn Field Goal attempt recovering it at the UCO 12.

Second-and-10 for UCO at their 34 with 1:42 left.

Pulley gets the reception running it to the Washburn 43 for a first down.

Stallard completion to McKenzie going out of bounds at the 36.

McKenzie gets a first down reception at the 31.

Crockett catches a first down pass at the 19-yard line timeout Washburn with 47 seconds left.

Pass to McKenzie runs to the 13-yard line gain of 6.

Drop by Crockett it’s now third-and-3 at the 13 yard line with 20 seconds.

Stallard runs for a loss of 3, UCO faces fourth-and-7 at the 16 with 14 seconds left.

UCO will attempt a 33 yard field goal with Austin Dodd.

The Kick is no good.

Washburn wins 31-28.














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