UCO vs. MSSU Updates

UCO vs. MSSU Updates

Bronchos celebrate following a touchdown during a home game at Wantland Stadium. The Bronchos beat MSSU on Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016 with a final score of 63-42. Photo by Cara Johnson, The Vista.

UCO defeats MSSU 63-42.

UCO knees the ball sealing the win.

MSSU replies with  Scott throwing his fourth touchdown 63-42.

Junior running back Jake Gandara gets his first touchdown of the game with UCO leading 63-35.

UCO gets its seventh rushing touchdown.

Scott connects once again with Davis making the score 56-35.

Touchdown MSSU

UCO leads in total rushing yards 266 to MSSUs’ 73.

Clay McKenzie gets his second touchdown run of the game. The Bronchos lead the Lions 56-28.

Touchdown Bronchos

UCO first and goal at the 8-yard line.

UCO returns the ensuing kickoff to the MSSU 46-yard line.

Scott threw a 53-yard touchdown strike to senior wide receiver Jocqui Davis.

MSSU answers back making it 49-28.

Stallard ran the ball in on a 3-yard scamper making it his fourth running touchdown of the game.

First play of the fourth quarter is a touchdown for UCO going up 49-21

End of the third quarter UCO 42-21

Clay McKenzie converts the fourth down on a 4-yard run.

UCO goes for it on fourth-and-1 at the MSSU 18-yard line.

MSSU punts right back to the Bronchos 37-yard line.

UCO punts to the MSSU 9-yard line.

Touchdown MSSU by Josh Hadley with 14 yard run.

Stallard gets his third touchdown on the ground from a 5-yard run.

Bronchos go up 42-14 at the start of the third quarter

First-and-goal Bronchos from the 10-yard line.

The Bronchos will receive the opening kickoff in the second half.

UCO leads at the end of the first half 35-14.

Scott squeaks into the end zone with a 1-yard touchdown run.

Touchdown MSSU with no time left.

Another pass interference on UCO bringing the ball to the 1-yard line. MSSU calls their last timeout of the first half.

Pass interference on UCO making it first-and-goal at the 2-yard line.

Timeout Lions third-and-4 at the 8-yadr line, with 11 seconds left in the second quarter.

MSSU long kick return to UCO 36-yard line.

UCO goes up 35-7 from a 6-yard touchdown run by Stallard.

Stallard gets his second Touchdown run.

Timeout UCO 1:01 in the second quarter at the MSSU 6-yard line first-and-goal.

Eckert leads the Bronchos two minute offense

UCO ball first-and-10 at their own 31 with 1:29 left.

MSSU forced to punt.

UCO punts on fouth-and-6 to the MSSU 32-yard line with 1:54 left in the quarter.

Stallard returns at quarterback.

the first play after the roughing the passer call, Scott throws a 23-yard touchdown to senor wide receiver Anthony Cannon. UCO still leads 28-7 with 4:14 left in the second quarter.

MSSU scores first touchdown.

MSSU fails to convert but a flag on UCO for roughing the passer makes it first-and-10 from the UCO 23 yard line.

MSSU goes for it on fourth-and-11 at the UCO 38 yard line.

Scott leads MSSU to their first, first down since the opening drive.

MSSU changes quarterbacks to sophomore Brayden Scott.

This is the biggest lead of the season for the Bronchos.

T.J. Eckert throws a 5-yard touchdown to junior wide receiver Josh Crockett UCO goes up 28-0.

Eckert Throws a touchdown strike.

UCO ball at MSSU 5-yard line.

T.J. Eckert comes into the game at quarterback for the Bronchos.

MSSU fails to get a first down on their third straight drive.

The Bronchos have scored 21 unanswered points.

Chas Stallard throws his first touchdown to senior wide receiver Connor Pulley UCO 21-0.

UCO strikes first in the second quarter.

Chas Stallard runs for 5-yards to conver on fourth down.

UCO goes for it on fourth-and-1 at MSSU 20-yard line.

Bronchos start the second quarter in Lion territory.

This is the first time since Sep. 24 against Missouri Western State that the Bronchos lead at the end of the first quarter.

End of the first Quarter UCO leads MSSU 14-0.

Bronchos Sack MSSU junior quarterback TJ Fleeton on third down forcing another Lions punt.

Junior running back Clay Mckenzie falls into the end zone 14-0 UCO.

Touchdown Bronchos.

UCO first and goal at the MSSU 1-yard line.

Timeout MSSU first-and-10 UCO at the MSSU 13-yard line.

UCO’s offense comes back on the field looking to carry the momentum from last drive. 

The Lions go three and out and are forced to punt to the Bronchos.

MSSU’s second drive starts at their own 25-yard line.

Chas Stallard scores the first touchdown with a dazzling 20-yard run 7-0 UCO.

UCO’s first drive starts from their own 31-yard line.

The Lions go for it on fourth down and fail to convert turning the ball over on downs.

MSSU will receive the opening kickoff.

UCO and MSSU both come into the game at (1-6, 1-6).

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