The NBA Draft’s Beloved Mystery Man

The NBA Draft’s Beloved Mystery Man

Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram look to be the first two picks in the NBA draft, leaving most of the drama Thursday night around who be the No. 3 pick. (AP Photo/Chris Pietsch, File)

Marquese Chriss is a 6-10 power forward from the University of Washington. You probably don’t know a lot about him because the Huskies didn’t have the best year, going 19-15 in the regular season and losing in the second round of the NIT tournament. 

Although Chriss only averaged 13 points and 5 rebounds at the University of Washington his astonishingly high amount of potential has the NBA and those who report on it on notice.

Jonathon Givony of says ” Chriss is one of the most physically gifted prospects you’ll find, possessing an exhilarating combination of quickness, explosiveness and body control that makes him a highlight reel candidate anytime he steps on the court.”

ESPN writer Chad Ford said Chriss ” could be a bigger Shawn Marion.”

All of this buzz has Chriss  skyrocketing up draft boards.

According to they have Chriss projected to be drafted in the top ten. Chriss according to is the fourth best available player on their draft big board.

NBA scouts have fallen in love with Chriss’s unique skill set. Chriss is an extremely mobile power forward who is a phenomenal athlete. He is also equipped with a solid jump shot that will only get better and better as he plays allowing him to stretch the floor.

Chriss’s skill set is everything a GM wants in a power forward in the game today. Someone who is quick and athletic enough to be able to guard a wing player and also can help you create space for others on the offensive side of the court.

One of Chriss’s biggest strengths on the offensive side of the court are his ability to run a successful pick and pop and the pick and roll that leads to a lob which he uses to make sensational highlight reel plays. Chriss’s ability to be able to hit the one dribble pull-up shot with ease is an extremely rare skill for a big man to have that not many big men in the NBA have today.

Now Chriss does have faults to his game like that he struggles mightily when it comes to rebounding the ball on the defensive side of the court by only averaging 2.9 defensive rebounds a game. Chriss struggles at staying down on ball fakes almost to the same level of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Serge Ibaka.

Chriss also struggles at defending the pick and roll by not recovering properly or taking the wrong angles. With Chriss being only 18 years old this gives whatever team that drafts him ample time to be able to properly fix and coach these problems.

On the offensive side of the court Chriss’s biggest weakness on the is that he suffers from tunnel vision. Which means that he does not keep his head up and not looking to pass. This can lead to huge problems for Chriss at the next level where teams that have had the most success in recent years like the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs have had it with incredible ball movement on the court.

SB Nations Kevin O’Connor said, ” Marquese Chriss is the boom-or-bust prospect in the 2016 NBA Draft.” Only time will be able to tell if Chriss is all hype or that he is the real deal.  All Chriss needs is one team to believe in him so he can showcase his skills at the next level.

Make sure to tune into the NBA Draft June 23 to see where Chriss gets drafted.

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