A UCO Cheer National Champion

A UCO Cheer National Champion

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EDMOND – The University of Central Oklahoma’s Cheer Squad hopes to win another National Championship and bring another trophy to UCO this season with their tumbler Holly Solley.

Solley is from Ardmore, Oklahoma and graduated from Plainview High school, where she also attended many cheer clinics for fundraisers.

She graduated high school in 2014 and has cheered with UCO since her freshman year.

“UCO Cheer is a family and one I am proud to be in,” Solley said.

UCO Cheer is not the only sport that Solley has competed in. She has also participated in gymnastics for a year at Kippers and cheered for a local All-Star competitive squad called Cheer Connection Outlaws.

“Outlaws is what gave me a lot of stunting experience, and for that, I was happy,” Solley said.

In 2014 Solley went through a three-day process trying out for UCO. Solley said that trying out was especially challenging for her because there was so much talent there and she was “freaking out”.

Throughout her many years of cheering she has encountered a few injuries. This last year Solley has bruised her meniscus and has had a few ribs get moved out of place.

“No pain, no gain, right?” Solley asked.

She just recently had surgery on her hand because it was not healing correctly, and she is now waiting for her doctor to release her so that she can tumble with her squad again.

This Ardmore native has now been to two national competitions with UCO in Daytona, Florida and has been to the stunt competitions for two consecutive seasons as well.

“My favorite part about cheerleading is tumbling, so I am glad I get to do it on the mat,” Solley said. She also mentioned that when she is not tumbling, she is spotting stunts to make sure everything goes as planned.

Solley studies english education at UCO and plans to teach reading or English at the middle or high school level after she graduates.

“I hope to be involved with cheerleading, whether it be as a sponsor or as a coach of a cheer squad,” Solley said.

UCO Cheer has won the National Cheerleading Association Championship in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2016. They also won the Stunt National Championship three consecutive years in a row.

For more information about the UCO Cheer Squad follow them on twitter @UCOCheer.

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