Vandal Leaves Their Mark

Vandal Leaves Their Mark

A gray patch can be seen on the northeast side of the Pi Kappa Alpha house where members of the fraternity painted over an obscene word which was spray painted on the house early on the morning of Friday, Sept. 22, 2017. (Ryan Naeve/ The Vista)


An act of vandalism to the Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike) house on Sept. 19 prompted the chapter’s president, Alan Beck, to release a statement on Twitter last Friday.

“These reoccurring incidents at Central do not just impact our individual chapter houses, but reflect poorly on our community as a whole,” Beck said in the statement.

Beck said the vandalism last Tuesday was spray paint on the front of the house, which was thought to have happened overnight. When asked for what the spray paint depicted, Beck declined to comment. He also said he thought it was best not to release a photo of the vandalism.

After the members saw the vandalism, Beck said they got in contact with both UCO and Edmond Police to report the incident.

Beck, now a senior, said there have been several incidents since he has been at the University of Central Oklahoma. When asked to describe a couple of the incidents, Beck declined to comment, stating he couldn’t release details since the information belonged to other groups.



“I have seen incidents over the last few years and I wanted to voice out my opinion,” Beck said. “Something needs to change.”

Assistant Vice President for University Communications, Adrienne Nobles, told The Vista when vandalism happens to a Greek houses they should follow the policies and procedures of their organization’s housing corporation and the national and international headquarters.

“We also encourage them to contact the Edmond Police to report the incident,” Nobles told The Vista.

UCO offers the Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) Office as a resource to the Greek organizations. The FSL staff serve as counsel for the chapter leadership in how to appropriately report the incidents and how to manage reactions within the chapter. The FSL staff works to encourage an environment of civility that can help prevent similar incidents, Nobles said.

“UCO’s FSL office would only intervene if there was evidence that another chapter was behind vandalism on a fraternity or sorority chapter house,” Nobles said.  “While there have been isolated incidents of vandalism at fraternity and sorority chapter houses in the past, it is not our position that it is a frequent occurrence.”

Aspen Loard is the president of Sigma Kappa, another Greek organization located off-campus. When asked about vandalism to Greek organizations, Loard commented that the Sigma Kappa house had not experienced any vandalism.

Beck ended his statement, calling for the UCO Community to uphold the UCO values of character, civility, and community.

“By upholding these values we will continue to makes UCO a great place to learn and grow,” Beck said.

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