Increase in Cases of Sexual Harassment at UCO

Increase in Cases of Sexual Harassment at UCO

Valentine's Day can bring painful memories for some, including UCO students.

It may just be another normal valentines day for some, but for others the though of being sexual or verbally assaulted still haunts them to this day.

In 2016 the numbers of reported cases UCO has gone up according to Title IX Coordinator, Adrienne Martinez, but she said off camera that it is a good thing that people are speaking up. Last year the campus had almost 70 cases of sexual harassment reported to the Title IX office.

For those affected, Michelle Stansel the Prevention & Advocacy Coordinator for Project Speak, makes sure they know how to seek help and deal with the situation.

One and five women and one and 16 men report being sexual harassed in any form, according to data by the Centers for Disease Control.

One student shared her story with UCentral’s Eriech Tapia.

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