UCOSA Votes to Keep Congressional Leadership Next Year

UCOSA Votes to Keep Congressional Leadership Next Year


ART Chair Atkinson, left, hands a voting paper to Sergeant of Arms Jacob Robertson during UCOSA’s Vote of No Confidence in the Nigh’s Heritage Room on Monday, Nov. 27. The Vote of No Confidence is held each fall semester to decide whether or not Congressional leadership will remain in their positions for the following semester. (Kateleigh Mills/The Vista)

The University of Central Oklahoma Student Association conducted the Vote of No Confidence, which decides whether or not to keep the UCOSA Congressional leadership in their positions next semester.

Tate Atkinson, Accountability Reform and Transparency Committee chair for Student Congress, took over the last UCOSA Congress meeting of the semester on Nov. 27 in the Nigh University Center’s Heritage Room.

Atkinson asked UCOSA Congress members if they wanted to keep the UCOSA Congressional leadership, which consists of Chair Remington Dean, Vice-Chair Kalina Popova, and Secretary Mario Figueroa, in their positions.

The Vote of No Confidence was held during the special orders portion of the meeting. Congress members voted to keep the leadership in their positions for next semester.

UCOSA Chair Remington Dean said he plans to use his extended position to work on redefining the responsibilities of the vice-chair of congress during the fall and also working with the UCO Police.

The UCO Student Congress posted a congressional resolution on the meeting’s agenda, CR17-101, that worked with the UCO Chief of Police, Jeff Harp, to promote a Blue Box Initiative, which helps students feel safe on campus by providing a way for them to contact the campus police if they feel immediate danger.

“They ran out of funding to go ahead and finish installing them,” Dean said. “The resolution was pretty much saying that the UCOSA thinks it is in the best interest for the students to have these installed.”

Both Dean and Figueroa mentioned in their speech to congressional leaders before the vote that the Congress has improved in following the Open Meeting and Open Records laws by posting the agendas and legislation on time.

Figueroa said he wanted to continue to work on UCOSA Congressional Leadership

“I have a learned a lot this semester and I want to continue learning,” Figueroa said.

Dean said the resolution, which is likely to be discussed and voted on next semester, is to encourage administration executives to find funding for the project, which lost funding a couple years ago.

The meeting was the 11th meeting of the 21st Legislature this semester. The next meeting will be held on Jan. 22 in the Nigh, with a time change to 4 p.m. on Mondays.

Meeting places and agendas are posted on the UCOSA’s OrgSync page and outside their office, Room 143, on the first floor of the NUC on Fridays.

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