UCOSA Legislation Aims for Parking Solutions and More

UCOSA Legislation Aims for Parking Solutions and More

Members of UCO's student government recently passed resolutions aimed at curbing campus parking problems and more.

Members of UCOSA Congress raise their hands to vote in favor of a bill authored by Caleb Power during a Monday, February 20 meeting. Six pieces of legislation were passed at this meeting. (Ryan Naeve/ The Vista)

Lost parking spaces due to construction lead to a resolution passed during the fifth meeting of the UCO Student Congress last Monday, along with five other pieces of legislation, including guns on campus.

The parking resolution, CR16-203, authored by UCOSA President Cash Dietz on Feb. 17 resulted from a conversation with the director of Transportation and Parking Services, Josh Stone.

The resolution opens up by asking UCO TPS “seriously to consider options presented by the UCOSA which benefits students, faculty, and staff in regards to parking.”

This resolution came after changes to Lot 13, which is now the site for the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) building that is under construction next to the Nigh University Center. This lot was previously a faculty lot that opened to multi-permit drivers in the afternoon.

press release by Josh Stone released to the UCO community last May said that TPS was leaning towards changing lot 14 “from commuter parking to faculty/staff parking.” Lot 14 is located east of the STEM building.

“For a long time students have complained about parking,” Cash Dietz said. “They (TPS) didn’t really consult us like “hey, we have this going on and we want to try and reach something that the students and faculty can agree on.””

The resolution presented three options for parking for TPS to consider.

Option one was to change both lot 12 (currently commuter parking) and lot 14 (currently faculty and staff, which changes to multi-permit after 4 p.m.) to strictly multi-permit parking. Lot 12 is located north of the Edmond Fire Station next to Baumann Avenue.

Option two was to allocate spaces in lot 10 (the visitor’s lot) to faculty and staff and change lot 14 to commuter parking and 12 to multi-permit parking.

Option three was to change lot 14 to commuter parking and lot 12 to faculty and staff parking.

“I met with Josh last Friday (Feb. 17) and those were the three options I presented to him in detail,” Dietz said. “He was really open to listening and seemed like he wants to help the students.”

Section three of the resolution also stated that UCOSA “wishes to be more involved in future conversation with parking that affect students.”

“It (the resolution) isn’t meant to be hostile,” Dietz said. “the biggest piece from it, is saying if you can’t change anything about the parking situation now, at least in the future when you make these decisions that affect us, can you at least talk to us first?”

Dietz also said that TPS did come to talk to UCOSA at the beginning of the semester about changes they were making and also said that the UCOSA was encouraged to ask questions, however, Dietz said that he also felt like the UCOSA’s voice wasn’t heard.

Other legislation passed included congressional bills, CB16-200 and CB16-201, authored by Caleb Power, parliamentarian and Accountability, Reform and Transparency committee chair. Power is also the interim chair for the UCOSA Election Commission.

CB16-200 was a bill that changed the words “Office of the President” to “Executive Cabinet” in the UCOSA laws since most members called the Office of the President the Executive Cabinet already, according to Power.

The bill is working on picking a time for the slates that are running for UCOSA President and Vice-President to have their cabinet picks. This is to make the process of cabinet confirmation by UCOSA Congress before the summer and fall semesters smoother.

“In the past, the new UCOSA president won’t pick a cabinet pick until the end or middle of summer or right before school ends and Congress won’t have time to confirm it,” Power said.

Power said that this can lead to cabinet picks performing their duty without being confirmed. The decision of the time cabinet picks should be selected is currently in progress.

CB16-201 eliminated the Graduate Affairs Committee and combined the issues it dealt with the Academic Affairs Committee for efficiency.

The guns on campus resolution, CR16-205, authored by Congress Speaker Caleb Shaw maintained the same stance that UCOSA has projected the past couple of years; that the UCO student body “opposes any modification to state law that would effectively allow guns on campus.”

Other legislation passed includes:

  • A financial resolution, CFR16-204, that allocated funds for the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) of $1,585 for flights and hotel costs.
  • A resolution, CR16-202, appointing Cheney Alvarado to the congressional seat representing the Graduate College.

The legislation can be accessed on UCOSA’s OrgSync page under the “files” tab or by visiting the UCOSA offices located on the first floor of the Nigh University Center.













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