UCOSA Gives Free T-shirts to Student Voters

UCOSA Gives Free T-shirts to Student Voters

Photo: UCO Student Association President Cash Deitz wears a t-shirt that will be given to UCO students who vote in the election on Tuesday. Students who present an “I voted” sticker, an absentee ballot envelope, or a selfie with their absentee ballot envelope will recieve a shirt. Photo by Ryan Naeve, The Vista.

Members of University of Central Oklahoma Student Association are hoping to encourage students to vote in the November election by handing out free T-shirts to those who vote.

Students who wish to receive a free shirt on Tuesday must present proof of voting, either with a sticker from the polling place or a selfie with their absentee ballot envelope.


Believing that the incentive will increase the number of students who vote, UCOSA’s Student Congress Chair, Caleb Shaw, said he was excited for the upcoming election.

“Some might think that you shouldn’t need an incentive to vote, but we feel this is just a way to show our appreciation for our students that are helping give UCO a voice in both national and local politics,” said UCOSA’s Vice Chair of Student Congress, Stockton Duvall.

Other organizations are also hoping for increased voter turnout among students, who are repeatedly some of the lowest when it comes to the number of participants.

“Our age has one of the lowest voter turnouts because a lot of people don’t think their vote matters,” Shaw said.

Voter turnout rates from the millennial generation in past presidential elections are the lowest among any age group, according to the Pew Research Center.

On election day, 500 shirts will be given out at the clock tower at Broncho lake. The shirts have the design of the Broncho horse with UCOSA’s logo below it.

“We compensated through the UCO promotional office … We had a good designer that came in, and he made that design,” Shaw said.

Members of the student government organization will also be at the event, including Austin Heitzinger, public relations chair. They will be promoting their student-run government, which acts as a representative for the collective student body.

According to Duvall, the association’s main areas of focus include funding for campus organizations and bringing a light to student concerns.

The government organization is a reflection of the national government and includes an executive, judicial and legislative branch. The association also funds campus organizations, handling over $700,000 in student fee dollars, according to the university budget.

The organization hopes to create diversity among its members, who have to meet qualifications for diversity, said Duvall.

Many of the active members within the association have leadership positions in other organizations on campus.

These groups include Leaders of Tomorrow, the Hispanic American Student Association (HASA), Student Programming Board (SPB) and many others. These members are able to represent their individual groups by being active in a committee.

Each committee has an elected chair that leads discussions and keeps the group focused on their goals. Throughout the semester, the committees work to pass legislature and host events.

The committees include academic affairs, accountability, reform and transparency (ART), campus development, human diversity, graduate affairs, public relations, ways and means and the executive committee.

The committees are working collectively to further the involvement of UCOSA on campus and include a diverse spectrum of students.

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