UCOSA Congress Passes Financial Resolutions and Replaces Bylaws

UCOSA Congress Passes Financial Resolutions and Replaces Bylaws

UCOSA's been busy passing resolutions.

Ways and Means Chairman and Senator Wesley Barnaby explains a financial resolution to the UCO Student Congress during a meeting on Monday, March 20, 2017 in the Will Rogers Room. (Kateleigh Mills/The Vista). 

The UCO Student Congress passed two financial resolutions and a bill that completely redrafted their bylaws during their eighth session of the 20th legislature last Monday.

The congress bill, CB16-203, was an act that completely removed the current UCO Student Congress bylaws, the governing documents that detail the rules and procedures, and replaced them with an updated version.

The updated version was authored by Senator Caleb Power, who is also the parliamentarian and Accountability, Reform and Transparency committee chair, and Senator Camilo Ulloa.

“I didn’t feel that it (reworking the bylaws) was very tedious. I thought it was a good opportunity to foster conversations between people. It was exciting to see many people actively engage in discussion… It had been a discussion since 2013,” Power said.

The new bylaws completely repealed the UCO Student Congress Standing Rules and changed the nomination requirements of Congressional Leadership to “only those who are currently or were at one time Active Members of the UCOSA Executive, Legislative, or Judicial Branches.”

The financial resolution, CFR16-206, listed the allocation of funds by the Ways and Means Committee to student organizations strictly under UCOSA for the 2018 fiscal year.

The financial resolution was introduced at the meeting by Senator Wesley Barnaby, who is also the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. The authors of the legislation include Senators Barnaby, Spells, Lowery, Running and Toves.

The other financial resolution, CFR16-205, confirmed the funds as Sponsorship and Annual Funding for three organizations- UCO Breaking BarrierZ, the Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Electronic Dance Music (EDM@UCO) – as a one-time appropriation.

Breaking BarrierZ received a total of $500, the Society of Mechanical Engineers $300, and the EDM@UCO $2,200, for purposes such as food and programming.

If the organizations do not use all the money allocated to them it will “revert back to the University on June 30, 2017.”

The replaced bylaws and the financial resolutions can be found on UCOSA’s OrgSync page or by visiting their office located on the first floor of the Nigh University Center.

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