UCO’s Student Election: What You Need to Know

UCO’s Student Election: What You Need to Know

Registration to run for UCO's student government ends Feb. 24.

Chair of Student Congress, Caleb Shaw, middle, speaks to Congress at UCOSA weekly meeting on Monday, Sept. 12, 2016. Vice Chair of Student Congress Stockton Duvall, right, and Secretary of Student Congress, Kalina Popova, left, join in on the meeting. Photo by Jessi Sanchez, The Vista.

The student body election for the University of Central Oklahoma is April 12. The election will include voting in a new president and vice-president for the UCO Bronchos, taking effect in August.

Caleb Power, UCO Student Association interim chair election official, detailed the election process and what each student has to do to become a candidate.

“The election process starts with the qualification of a student having a minimum GPA of 3.0 and at least one year of participating in a student organization,” Power said. “Any student can apply as long as they fit the qualification process.”

Registration for students will end on Feb. 24. Students can also apply to be members of the UCO Student Congress, chair, vice chair or secretary of the UCO Student Congressor or a UCO Student Association (UCOSA) senator.

“As a student body, I feel that we all want a leader that is going to advocate for us and the changes we want to see on campus or even the things we want on campus,” Mayona Presley, UCO President of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) said. “The two years that I have been here at Central, I have definitely seen a strong presence of the student government and that is something that I hope continues.”

The hope, according to Caleb Power, is that students would be more proactive in the election process to further the responsibility of the title of president or vice-president and be part of the decision process of the current student government. The practice of being politically engaged creates awareness for how diplomacy works.

Responsibilities of the student body president include being involved in board meetings with faculty and staff and being a voice for students on topics that include meal pricing and student organizations.

The UCOSA executive board members also work with UCOSA congress members as well as the the UCOSA judiciary.

“The election process is probably the same to me because it doesn’t seem that different from the actual government,” Lindsay Looman, UCO student said. “I hope there is a way for us to be informed but it is all the same to me.”

The available voting period has been decreased from three days to two days, due to lack of student participation. Voting will begin April 12 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Online voting will also be available during those times in hopes of encouraging more voting by students. The online voting will be available on Uconnect.

“We need the diversity of the students in our UCOSA,” Power said. “The following year could lend extra input for students.”

Students that have the requirements can apply at OrgSync.com.

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