UCO raises $11,000 for Infant Crisis Service

UCO raises $11,000 for Infant Crisis Service

Executive Director of Homecoming Glenn Elmore, middle right, and Philanthropy Director for Homecoming Maygan Scott, right, present Infant Crisis Services Volunteer Coordinator Danielle Morgan, left, and Cofounder/Executive Director Miki Farris with a check for $11,352.57 at UCO Homecoming Cheer and Dance on Friday, Oct. 13, 2017. (Janessa Egler/The Vista)

University of Central Oklahoma students, faculty and staff donated over $11,000 for Infant Crisis Service through several events during the celebration of the 100th Homecoming.

The Homecoming Philanthropy committee raised $11,352.57, exceed the goal of $10,000. There were also 310 pounds of goods like diapers, wipes and sippy cups.

“The donation from UCO is invaluable to our organization. The money raised will go such a long way,” said Danielle Morgan, Infant Crisis Service volunteer program coordinator.

UCO Homecoming Philanthropy Maygan Scott said they added the monetary value of physical goods to the total amount. That value was about $1000 and the rest of the donation was money.

Scott estimates that the amount of diapers can help about 150 babies and the wipes can help about 100 babies.

Morgan said Infant Crisis Services is the only emergency food, formula, and diaper pantry in Central Oklahoma. They serve an average of 1,500 babies and toddlers a month

“They do not get any funding from state for federal,” said Scott. “[The service] only relies on what people donate”

Scott was a member of the Homecoming Philanthropy in 2015. She said they set a different goal and tried to increase it each year.

“The Cheer and Dance was technically the event that we got the most money because we sold ticket” said Scott. “But the event that people actually donated the most money was the Day of Giving.”

The UCO Homecoming Executive Board members decided to sell 1,000 public tickets for the Cheer and Dance competition last Friday at the price of $5. All tickets were sold out 9 hours before the event.

Scott said the Day of Giving on Thursday had a donation dash. Each organization had a jar where people can put money in to support them. The organization who raised the largest amount could choose the performance slot for the Cheer and Dance.

“We raised over $2000 by the donation dash,” said Scott. “Few organizations raised $500 just by themselves.”

The first fundraising event of this year was the Lip Sync Battle on Oct. 5, which is a week before Homecoming. People put money in a jar of the royalty member they wanted to vote for the People’s Choice Award.

“This is the first year we do that. The event helped to raise $700 more [than other year],” Scott said. “[I] go to the week without thinking how much people will donate, so it also let me know how much I can raise.”

Another fundraising event is the Faculty and Staff Dress Down last Thursday. Faculty and staff and pay $5 for a “I Support” sticker and they could wear T-shirt and jeans on that day.

UCO Philanthropy Committee hosted five Give Back Nights during September and the first week of October.

“This is one of the years that we do so many [Give Back Nights],” said Scott. “This is also the first year we give points to organizations.”

Give Back Nights were hosted at Pike Five, Garage, Evoke, Jason’s Deli and Buffalo Wild Wings. A certain percent of the order went to the donation when people mentioned UCO Homecoming.

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