UCO Police Investigating Persons of Interest

UCO Police Investigating Persons of Interest

(Provided/ UCO Police Department).


The University of Central Oklahoma Police Department is continuing to gather information about two persons of interest, after a theft of university property occurred in the Nigh University Center on June 19.

UCO PD released a photo on their Twitter feed on June 23 of a male and female with two dogs, taken from a surveillance camera. They asked that people give information about the persons of interest. UCO PD released a Tweet the next day thanking those who gave information.

Chief of UCO Police, Jeff Harp said the individuals in the video are more persons of interest, and not necessarily suspects. “We are pursuing leads associated with two people.”

Harp said he doesn’t believe the two are currently affiliated with the university. He said he is unsure why the dogs from the photo are with the individuals.

UCO PD has not made contact with the individuals. Harp said it is possible the two have moved while UCO PD was tracking them down.

Harp said video surveillance on campus helps officers with their job and can save time, money and effort. He said the cameras provide a huge benefit, and “Ultimately prevent people from stealing.” He said the video cameras also helped provide leads in this case.

UCO’s website includes answers to frequently asked questions about the university’s use of video surveillance. “Closed-circuit television is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited amount of monitors.”

Instead of being publicly broadcasted, these cameras will allow the footage to be sent to certain people and computer monitors. The website said, “CCTV is primarily used for surveillance and security purposes.” It also said the reason behind UCO’s use of video cameras is to “Deter crime and protect the safety and property of the University community.”

Harp said UCO PD will share more information about this case as it arrives, while they continue investigating.

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