UCO Nursing Students Dedicate Capstone Project to Flu Shots

UCO Nursing Students Dedicate Capstone Project to Flu Shots

Nursing student Lauren Flannigan administers a flu shot for a student during their capstone project on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016. Flannigan is one of three nursing students who gave the free flu shots for the project. Photo by Jessica Sanchez, The Vista. 

Three nursing students at the University of Central Oklahoma provided free FLU Shots to everyone on UCO campus on October 6-7.

Erin Sullins, Jennaca Montgomery, and Trevor Kinghorn dedicated their capstone project to providing the entire UCO campus with free FLU Shots.

The three students chose a FLU Shot clinic after they all attended the Oklahoma Mercy externship in the summer of 2016. The idea emerged between the three of them there and has prospered since.

The students have been doing research and planning since the summer of 2016 so that the clinic would run smoothly for everyone involved.

“We just wanted to set up some protocols and training to help make the FLU Shot clinic run more smoothly in the future,” said Sullins.

The process has been long but one of the main goals for these three is to get every single student and faculty vaccinated this year.

“It’s been a great process, we’ve been working on it since this summer,” said Montgomery. “Basically we’re working on getting all the UCO students so that they can all be involved in the FLU Shot clinic so that we can get all of the UCO students and faculty vaccinated this year.”

Kathlynn Smith is the overseer or advisor of the project that the students have developed and she said that the goal is to wipe out the FLU “forever.”

The research that was put into this capstone project was extensive and the students are educating all of the other students that they allow to participate on how the procedure of giving FLU Shots is done.

Marketing and promotion played a big role for these three students, as Kinghorn got involved and started placing flyers around campus, in dorm rooms, and set out posts on websites that faculty and students use. A mass email was to be sent out to everyone on campus as well.

“We got flyers approved to be put around on campus, I posted those in all the buildings and in the dorm rooms as well. We got put on centralities which is an online website that a lot of the faculty use, we got our event posted on org sync as well which is something that the students use,” said Kinghorn. “We’re still working on getting an email blast sent out here within the next day or two.”

The marketing and technical sides of this project were a little different than the actual procedure of giving the shots.

“With the marketing it’s more about getting students to come and get in the clinic,” Kinghorn said.



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