Trolley Stop Record Shop Sells Music

Trolley Stop Record Shop Sells Music


UCO Forensic Science junior Morgan Flanagan peruses the aisles of Trolly Shop Records. The shop sells a wide variety of records for every taste. Photo by Elisabeth Slay, the Vista. 

At first glance it’s a typical store, a confined space with rows and stacks of old records. Take another look, and it’s transformed into a treasure trove piled high with a plethora of 45s and 78s, containing music from The Beatles to Janis Joplin.

Located near the Plaza District, Trolley Stop Record Shop has been selling records to Oklahoma City citizens for the last five years. 

“I used to own an antique store, and I’ve always kind of dealt in records. I went to a guy’s [store] to look at books, but he had a bunch of records, so we did a deal, and a friend of mine offered to let me sell them in this shop,” shop owner John Dunning said.

At first Dunning wasn’t certain that the store would be any success, but he quickly learned people still had an appreciation for old music.

“People have responded real well to the shop. People in town love coming here and looking for records. Record collecting has really gotten popular in the last few years,” he said.

For Dunning, the best thing about owning the store is all of the compelling customers that come in.

 “Music and record people are pretty great people. I’ve met a lot of great friends since I’ve been here. We’ll play records all day. It’s just a lot of fun,” Dunning said.

From old rockers to young highschoolers, Trolley Stop has a wide range when it comes to their customer demographic.

“Well obviously they all like music. I’ll have people from 12- to 77-years-old come in here. Lots of teens, twenty and thirties. Everybody’s coming back,” Dunning said.

The most popular music Dunning sells is classic rock; however, he has a variety of genres that his customers love to purchase. 

“A lot of Jazz and Blues is big, but I sell everything: soundtracks, country, you name it. I’ve got Frank Sinatra. A lot of young people like Sinatra,” Dunning said.

All his life Dunning has had a great appreciation for music, especially when he started going to concerts back in the ’70s.

 “It just gives people a chance to relax and escape and to think. It’s just fun,” Dunning said.

With the return of records has come several record shops, and although there are not a lot in Oklahoma City, Trolley Shop has still remained one of the best.“I’m pretty much strictly vintage, so it’s pretty much old school. I have 78s in here that go back to the early 1900 era. I kind of see myself as a depository of American music,” Dunning said.

In addition to its unique collection, Trolley Shop has had some interesting events occur and has been visited by some impressive people.

“There was a Nike commercial shot in here one time. We had, like, seventy people here of all types. That was a lot of fun. We’ve had bands here on Record Store Day,” Dunning said.

As time goes on Dunning will continue to sell music, old and new, to those who appreciate the classics.

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