They, Them, Their: A Project of Inclusion

They, Them, Their: A Project of Inclusion

A new project aims to help transgender community members feel more comfortable in their clothing.

They/ Them/ Their supports transgender people in their transition to ensure an easier process from gender to gender. The organization provides clothing and support. (Provided/ They Them Their). 

They/Them/Their is a transgender clothing exchange program that aims to provide an outlet for those who find binary clothing options unsuitable.

Started in August of 2016 by graduate student Kiki Pierce, the program is funded by a STLR Grant from the University of Central Oklahoma.

They/Them/Their student researcher Mick Kennedy explained why this program can be a necessary and wonderful source for those who might be transitioning or are against traditional binary clothing.

“Clothing is very binary, just in general, like male, female and They/Them/Their was founded so that there would be a way to switch your wardrobe if the way you were presenting (yourself) didn’t fit you anymore.”

The program works by setting up a person in need of clothes with someone around the same size who is also changing the way they present themselves. If the program is unable to match you with another member, they will provide clothing that has been donated to the program instead. All clothing is free to those who participate.

While this program is available to any member in the BGLTQIA+ community, it is especially helpful for those who are transitioning to a different gender. As people transition, they are faced with many costly and stressful things, such as hormone therapy and surgery. They/Them/Their hopes to help reduce the financial strain of the process in at least one way by providing them with the clothing they need.

The ultimate goal for the program is to become a national non-profit so that they can benefit more than just the local community. They are already making plans to be able to mail out clothing to those in need of a wardrobe switch.

The program is always looking for volunteers to help with inventory, folding and hanging clothes and helping members connect.

For more information contact They/Them/Their at and to keep up with the program, follow them on Facebook at They/Them/Their, Twitter @theythemtheir and Instagram @theythemtheirproject.

They/Them/Their also hosts a WordPress blog with more information, advice and stories.

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