Students Give Shakespeare a Modern Twist

Students Give Shakespeare a Modern Twist

UCO theater students recently performed 'As You Like It,' a modern spin on a Shakespeare classic.

Senior Casey Longacre strangles Alumni Jole Schrimsher during UCO’s performance of William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” at the Mitchell Hall Theatre in Edmond, Okla. on February 16, 2017. (Elizabeth Roberts/ The Vista). 

The students in the theater department put on a modern version of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” last weekend and it went off without a hitch.

The pastoral comedy begins in the court of a duke with two sisters, Rosalind and Celia.

Rosalind falls hard for a young man named Orlando, but before she can explore this new love, she is banished from the court. Celia is distraught at the news and makes the decision to leave with Rosalind and flee to the forest of Ardenne in disguise to find adventure and romance.

Rosalind then pretends to be a man named Ganymede, and Celia dresses as a common shepherdess and calls herself Aliena.

Once the girls arrive in the forest, they run into a lovesick shepherd, Silvius, pining for a maiden named Phoebe, who happens to fall for Ganymede, the strapping young lad that is actually a woman.

Rosalind, as Ganymede, then runs into Orlando, who believes Ganymede is actually man and confides in him about his feelings for Rosalind. Ganymede claims to be an expert on lovesickness and can cure Orlando if he agrees to pretend that Ganymede is Rosalind and sweep him off his feet. Orlando agrees.

While it becomes a tangle of who you think should end up with who, it is kept light-hearted with comedic relief. As the story goes on, those still looking for their true love end up finding the one they were meant to be with and reveal their true selves to find happiness.

The students lived up to expectation, keeping the audience engaged with their perfect portrayals of these characters.

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