The Bronchos’ New Stable

The Bronchos’ New Stable

University of Central Oklahoma’s softball, baseball and football fields, located on the northeast end of campus. (Provided/ UCO Video Services). 

Bids on the University of Central Oklahoma’s new 14 million dollar sports performance center have been completed and the facility is expected to be completed by Fall of 2018.

The 14 million dollars will cover the construction and furniture cost for the new facility, which will be on the north end zone of the football field. UCO broke ground on the sports performance center back in April and it is projected to be around 40,000-45,000 square feet.

“All student-athletes will benefit from the use of this facility,” University of Central Oklahoma Athletic Director, Joe Muller said. “The facility will include weight training and sports medicine areas, coaches’ offices, an academic center, lockers rooms, nutrition and common areas and more.”

JE Dunn Construction was selected as the construction manager, letting them conduct the bidding on the project. For the 33 sub-categories that cover all the features of the facility, the lowest received bid won in every instance.

The largest winning bid for the new facility was for the mechanical and plumbing area, where Wattie Wolfe won with a bid of $1,526,500. On the other side of the spectrum, the lowest winning bid was in the fences and gates category, where American Fence was the only bidder with a bid of $5,420.

While the majority of categories received multiple bids, there were some (signage, sports nets, coiling doors, constant force posts, masonry, final cleaning) that received no bids at all.

Kevin Tero, Project Manager for UCO AES, said bidding was open to the public and there weren’t any sub-contractors who decided to bid on those categories, saying it is not uncommon for some areas to not receive bids. Tero says that these areas will most likely be re-bid, or if the contract is small enough, they would seek multiple quotes from qualified vendors.

Lockers are another area the university is re-evaluating. Tero said they are working on the design of the lockers, which will be released sometime during the duration of the project.

Muller said sixty percent of the funding for the facility came from private donations, with the other 40 percent coming from bonded debt. Chad Richison, former UCO student-athlete and founder of Paycom Software, donated 10 million dollars two years ago, which jump-started UCO on their goal of constructing the new facility.

“This gift represented, at the time, the largest gift in the history of the university and will help build facilities that will impact future generations of student-athletes,” Muller said. “This gift will not just impact student-athletes from one sport, but will truly impact all student-athletes in the UCO program.”

The sports performance center is part of UCO’s fundraising initiative “Complete the Dream.”

This project has three phases: build a sports performance center, an indoor practice facility, and a softball stadium. The softball stadium was completed this year, with the team able to play their first season in their new facility.

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