High-Point Alcohol May Be Available in Convenience Stores This Fall

High-Point Alcohol May Be Available in Convenience Stores This Fall

In Oklahoma, it is against the law to sell liquor in any grocery store, or outside of a liquor store. State Question 792 brings this issue back to the table, changing the laws to allow grocery and convenience stores to sell it as well.  (Photo provided by Pixabay.)

State Question 792 will change the current alcohol laws allowing grocery and convenience stores to sell high-point beer and wine as well as liquor.

Article 28 of the Oklahoma Constitution currently allows grocery and convenience stores to only sell low-point, 3.2, beer. However, these stores cannot sell wine, liquor, or high-point beer.

Liquor stores can sell liquor, wine, and high-point beer, but cannot sell other items of any kind.

“Liquor stores close at nine, and not being able to buy it anywhere else is really inconvenient,” sophomore Skyler Kaumbis said. “I do think it’ll have a negative impact on local liquor businesses though.”

If State Question 792 is voted for, it will change the current laws allowing liquor stores to sell grocery items, and convenience and grocery stores to sell liquor, wine, and high point beer.

Organizations such as ‘Say Yes to 792’ want to encourage people to vote yes to help boost the economy. It is also hoped that 792 will create jobs as well as convenience for shoppers.

However, some worry that voting ‘yes’ will have a negative impact on small liquor businesses.

Samantha Goddard is the owner of Cork and Bottle Wine Company in Edmond, and has been in the business for eight years.

“It’ll definitely affect our business,” Goddard said.  “Change is good, but they’ve got to do it the right way and stop listening to the people with all of the money and start listening to the people who make the money.”

However, that’s not the only reason she’s concerned about the state question passing.

“I’ve been in business for eight years and it’s work, the laws now help to keep alcohol out of the hands of kids,” Goddard said.

There is still time to register to vote, however you must do so at least 24 days before the election. The seven State Questions will be voted on Nov. 8.

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