Photographic Arts Program hosts International Art Exhibition

Photographic Arts Program hosts International Art Exhibition

The winning photographs of the national competition hosted by the UCO Photographic Arts program are now exhibited in the Woody Gaddis Gallery and a hallway in the northwestern section of the Mass Communications building. This display is open for anyone to view. Photo by Cara Johnson, the Vista. 

The Photographic Arts Program and the Department of Mass Communication are hosting “Connect,” an exhibit that sought entries for a photographic contest and are now displayed in The Woody Gaddis Gallery, as well as on the lower floor of the Mass Communications building.

The title was chosen from the University of Central Oklahoma’s recent re-branding campaign, “Connect to Central.” The photographs relate to the idea and the definition of the word connect.

The meaning of the word connect is defined on Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “To join together, to join with or become joined to something else, and to think of something or someone as being related to or involved with another person, thing, event, or idea.”

“Connect is the theme of the show, and it can be interpreted in a number of different ways, and so that relates to what our department is about: connecting. Not only it hits home with UCO, but I think it hits home to our department specifically,” Angela Cejda, Manager of Photographic Arts Facilities, said.

The exhibition displays art from all around the world, including artists from Russia and Australia. National contestants varied by state, including entries from Oklahoma, California, Ohio, New York, Illinois, Denver and many others.

“The reason we are really excited about doing the national contest is that our students can see what’s going on in the world. We have a lot of variety of photography here, but to see what’s going on in the country and what people are thinking about all over the world can make a huge impact–not only for our photographic art students, but for the community in general to be able to come and see the work from people around the country and the world can kind of open our eyes,” Cejda said.

This is the second year they are hosting a national photography contest; last year’s theme was The State of Being Human, and it incorporated several portraits.

“We got a lot of portraits and people interacting, which is very common in photography. We love that, but this year we wanted to have something that could be interpreted a few different ways or maybe get some variety in the photographs other than just portraits,” Cejda said.

The exhibit will be judged by UCO staff members including an associate and assistant professor, as well as the manager of the photo lab.

The exhibit will remain on display at the Mass Communication Building on the first floor until August 31. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

The Photographic Arts Program said they hope to continue hosting international art exhibitions, connecting students with art worldwide.

The Photography exhibitors are:

Abbey Hepner, Abigail Young, Allyson Church, Angela Cappetta, Ann Bartges, Belden Carlson, Betty Torrell, Birka Wiedmaier, Brian Condron, Chris Penso, Christy Cox, Derrick Burbul, Emeline Sanchez, Emerald Boes, Evie Metz, Harry Longstreet, Jodi Patterson, Joseph Donley, Karen & Evan Larson-Voltz, Kelly Ciurej, Kristi Ford, Kristine Thompson, Lake Newton, Mark Francis, Megan Jacobss, Melanie Metz, Rand Elliot, Samantha Obman, Scarlett Tobin and Victor Garcia.

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