OKC Animal Shelter celebrates ‘Adopt-a-Cat’ Month

OKC Animal Shelter celebrates ‘Adopt-a-Cat’ Month

Photo: Sibling kittens look out from their enclosure in the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter. The animal shelter recently took in 226 cats to adopt out. Photo by Ryan Naeve, The Vista.

The Oklahoma City Animal Shelter hopes to provide over 200 cats with homes during June’s national Adopt-a-Cat Month. This year the shelter is hosting Meowapalooza, an event to promote the adoption of cats and to teach people to be more responsible owners in an effort to reduce pet overpopulation.

According to the Superintendent of OKC Animal Shelter, Julia Bank, the shelter took in 229 cats earlier this month due to “breeding season” which typically occurs during this time of year.

Tiffany Roberts, who works at the front desk of the shelter, said that the huge number of kittens typically come from people who are already cat owners.

“People have cats who have litters of kittens around this time of year. They can’t keep or take care of them all so they drop them off here so we can help the kittens find a happy home,” Roberts said.

Some of the ways to become a more responsible pet owner is by spaying or neutering cats which is shown to reduce some unwanted behavioral issues. It also can help the shelter during this month by reducing the number of cats that come in.

“One way to keep down the amount of cats we get this time of year is for owners to be responsible by spaying and neutering their pets,” Bank said.

Other tips involve keeping cats inside to prevent them from getting hurt or sick, keeping a tag on them so they can be returned home faster if they get lost and treating your cat like you would a kid by feeding them and fostering a loving relationship.

For anyone wishing to adopt a cat, the first step is to look on the shelter’s website under the adoption tab or on the website Petfinder. Another option is to visit the shelter where employees encourage people to interact with the cats to see if they are a perfect fit.

The employees will then help fill out the paperwork to adopt. Anyone looking to adopt must have a photo ID and the $30 fee for cats under six months; however, adopting an adult cat is free. OKC Animal Welfare reserves the right to deny adoptions to anyone they see as unfit to provide an appropriate home for a pet.

The OKC Animal Shelter, located at 2811 SE 29th St., is open for adoptions from noon to 5:45 p.m. every day and closed on holidays. Every third Wednesday of the month, the shelter does not open until 2 p.m.

For more information go to the Animal Welfare website, or call (405) 297-3100.

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