No More “Pizza Pizza” for Robber

No More “Pizza Pizza” for Robber

A suspect in the robbery of Little Caesars is seen leaving the Edmond store on video footage. (Provided/ Edmond PIO). 

One of the two Edmond robbers from the Fourth of July week has been arrested on charges of robbery in the first degree and assault and/or battery with a deadly weapon.

Jonas Alan Grove, 44, an employee of Little Caesars, was arrested on July 10 for the robbery with no known motive. The crime occurred on July 4, at the Little Caesars on North Bryant Avenue.

According to the police report from the Edmond Police Department, Grove entered Little Caesars with a costume mask. He grabbed an employee who was restocking items, and held a knife to his neck saying he would kill him if the cashier didn’t cooperate and give him money. He demanded money from the cashier and after the drawer was on the counter, ordered the cashier to get money from the safe. He directed the other employees in the building to sit in front of him where they were visible. Grove grabbed the money bag that was taken from the safe, and rushed out, so he didn’t get the money from the drawer on the counter.

Grove wasn’t recognized after the incident, even from his coworkers. The Edmond PD posted pictures and videos of the suspect, which they said helped lead to the arrest.

Jennifer Wagnon, Public Information Specialist of Edmond PD, said since Grove was an employee, he was probably familiar with the money practices and knew where the safe was located. He left with $382.

Police are still in search of the robber of the Walgreens at 33rd and Boulevard in Edmond on July 3.

There are currently no leads in the Walgreens robbery. Wagnon said this is an unusual case, with what was being stolen. The motive is not completely clear. There seems to be no connection between the two burglaries.

A man went into Walgreens wearing a motorcycle helmet and stole three packs of emergency contraceptive pills. The suspect was carrying a black Nike bag, and pulled out a University of Central Oklahoma bag in which he put the pills. When the manager went to ask him to remove the pills, the suspect put the bag on the ground, opened the bag, and stood revealing a gun. The manager backed away with his hands up.

“This went from a larceny charge to a charge of pointing a deadly weapon,” Wagnon said. What made the suspect suspicious was when he left his dirt bike running, and entered the store with his helmet on.

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