New Central Tech Store Opening Soon

New Central Tech Store Opening Soon

The new Central Tech Store, located in the Night University Center, is scheduled to open on Monday, Sept. 26. The larger store will be able to offer students more services, including a small study area. Photo by Cara Johnson, The Vista. 

The University of Central Oklahoma’s Central Tech Store will have a soft opening in the Nigh University Center Sept. 26 to provide students with increased service in a larger location.

The Central Tech Store will still be located on the second floor with the new location where the Outtakes Convenient Store in the Nigh used to be, next to MidFirst Bank.

“I think the biggest difference with this new store is that it’s going to allow us to be a much better student service. We’ll be able to put the technology in the students’ hands, but we’ll also give them an experience while they’re in the store to see new technology, interact with it a lot better and just really create an entire experience for them. Whereas our current store is in a more enclosed space, and it doesn’t have that experience, ” said David Krone, retail manager for the Central Tech Store.

The new store will have several items for sale including Microsoft Surfaces, Dell laptops, Samsung Tablets, and accessory technology, as well as Smartwatches, Go-Pros, Smart LED light bulbs, new cases, etc.

Krone said the new store will also have a student collaboration corner where students can come in to a soft-seated area to hang-out, study, and even take free classes taught by technicians to learn more about programs such as iCloud, Window 10, iOS systems, etc.

The store will also be carrying gaming systems that students can buy and test out in the gaming station of the store.

“We’re actually going to have a live X-Box and a live Play Station set up so that students —if they’re around campus maybe they have an hour or two between classes or something like that— they can always come in, and there will be a live demo that they can come and play at any time,” Krone said.

Another addition to the new store will be a consultation area. Krone said that there will be Apple technicians in the area that can help students repair or update/upgrade technology equipment.

“We’re really able to expand to a true technology store, which has always been the goal behind the store,” Krone said.

Krone also said that the cost to move the store was expensive due to remodeling, stocking up on new technology, refurnishing, and all of the small details behind the scenes. The Office of Information Technology is helping the tech store store pay some of the major costs.

The grand opening ceremony will take place on Sept. 30. There will be a ribbon cutting and speeches given by UCO President Don Betz as well as Cynthia Rolfe, vice president for Information Technology.  There will also be raffles, prizes, and entertainment for those who attend.

“Everyone is welcome to the grand opening. We’re really excited to show case what that new store can be,” Krone said.

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