Miss UCO 2018

Miss UCO 2018


Lacey Williams crowns Alana Hughes as Miss UCO 2018 in Constitution Hall on Saturday, Nov. 11. (Ryan Naeve/The Vista)

Alana Hughes, a 21-year-old senior, was crowned as the 2018 Miss UCO at the pageant last Saturday.

“It’s hard to believe that a three-year-old dream has now come true,” said Hughes. “It feels surreal.”

Besides winning the crown, Hughes also won the swimsuit/fitness award and the outstanding talent award. She got the prize totaling up to $3,400.

“This past week was very busy for me, attending pageant rehearsals, attending my classes, working on my homework, studying and taking tests,” Hughes said.

UCO Students to Compete for Miss UCO 2018 Crown https://t.co/l0XwMhil3G

— Guthrie News Leader (@GuthrieLeader) November 6, 2017

Hughes said she wants to be able to attend and help out with as many campus events as she can.

“One thing that I love doing as a titleholder is going into schools and speaking about my platform,” Hughes said.

Hughes chose teen volunteering as her platform for the Miss UCO Pageant. She said volunteering makes an impact in somebody’s life and it also changes and impacts her life.

“I started volunteering in middle school,” Hughes said. “After realizing that we had packed many meals for others, I wanted to carry that on throughout the rest of my life.”

Hughes wants to encourage people to volunteer in an area that they are passionate about. She said people will have fun doing that and are more likely to volunteer again.

Being a contemporary music performance major with the focus on piano and vocal, Hughes performed a piano piece entitled “Whitewater Chopped Sticks” in the talent stage.

“I chose this piece after seeing Teresa Scanlan play it during Miss America 2011,” Hughes said. “I instantly knew that I wanted to learn the piece and play it for pageants. I made that dream a reality.”

She said she wore a white dress with different colors of blue rhinestones to represent the water flow from the piece.

Miss UCO is not the first title that Hughes has received. She had three other Miss Outstanding Teen crowns, which are Mustang in 2011, Tulsa County in 2012 and Moore-Norman in 2013.

“I began competing in pageants when I was 14 years old,” Hughes said. “I am an only child.  I was very shy.”

Hughes also held the titles of Miss Eastern Oklahoma County 2015 and Miss Moore-Norman 2016.

“With my new title of Miss UCO 2018, it will be my third year to compete in Miss Oklahoma [in June],” Hughes said. “Through the pageant organization, I have grown a lot as an individual. I would not be who I am today without the Miss Oklahoma organization.”

She said she has gained experience with public speaking and learning how to think on her toes. She also has to be up to date with current events and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

“I feel that I will carry everything that I have learned into job interviews or college interviews,” Hughes said.

Stephanie Nutter walks past Lacey Williams, Miss UCO 2017, during the physical fitness in swimsuit portion of the competition. (Ryan Naeve/The Vista)


Haley Jill McKinzie takes to the stage in Constitution Hall of the Nigh Universty Center during the evening wear portion of the 2017-2018 Miss UCO pageant. (Ryan Naeve/The Vista)


Chelsea Smith, Miss UCO 2016, performs a song during a break at the Miss UCO 2018 pageant on Saturday, Nov. 11. (Ryan Naeve/The Vista)


Stephanie Nutter performs “Reflection” during the talent contest in the Miss UCO 2018 Pageant. (Ryan Naeve/The Vista)


Tarren Land performs “Desperado” during the talent portion of the Miss UCO 2018 pageant. (Ryan Naeve/The Vista)


Constance Haynes responds during the on-stage question competition portion of the Miss UCO 2018 pageant on Saturday, Nov. 11 in Constitution Hall. (Ryan Naeve/The Vista)


The 2018 Miss UCO contestants stand on stage in Constitution Hall as they wait to hear the results of the pageant on Saturday, Nov. 11. (Ryan Naeve/The Vista)

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